Information on Alpine Academy in Utah

Our family is considering a Residential Treatment Program for our teen daughter. We are searching for information about Alpine Academy in Utah. Please let us know if you have any experience with or information about Alpine Academy in Utah. Thanks!

Parent Replies

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We have had parents with their daughters at Alpine and have had good feedback but with that said you always want a current assessment of any program. I suggest you contact a therapeutic educational consultant to get their opinion.  I know Jennifer Taylor of JetED consulting would be happy to give you a summary of the program.  

Dear Dnenz,

I don't have direct experience with Alpine Academy--but I have heard an Ed Consultant that I co-lead a parent support group with, Jennifer Taylor, mention the program several times. I'm sorry I can't remember what specific aspects of Alpine Academy she was referring to, but I believe if you get in touch with her, she'd be happy to speak with you. She seems to know the program well and the type of teenager that would do well there. Her contact info is: Jennifer Taylor, JET ED Consulting, Jennifer [at]  415.887.8998   Good luck with your journey, Sarah