Infant Daycare Recs in N. Oakland/Rockridge?

Our second child is arriving in May 2021 and our almost-5-year-old will be starting Kindergarten next fall, most likely in Lafayette (we'll be commuting from West Oakland). I'm SAH for now, but am thinking ahead to when I'll want or need at least part-time care for the baby - maybe 6-12 months down the line. I'm looking for daycare recommendations in North Oakland/Rockridge (somewhere roughly on the way to the tunnel from our part of Oakland) with a very nurturing environment and low teacher turnover. I'm less concerned about cost and convenience than I am about finding a place that feels safe and loving. I'm not really into the idea of a nanny or nanny share for a lot of reasons (no room at home, wanting socialization for baby, better coverage in case a teacher is out sick, etc). I'd love to hear from anyone who really loves their infant program! Thanks! 

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We've liked New to Two, in Emeryville right on the North Oakland border.  Its an in-home daycare, only three kids at a time (ages 0-2), very nurturing, and we haven't had any closures due to provider illness.

Have you looked into Les BouTchou in Emeryville? It's a small French in-home daycare with low staff turnover rate. I think they accept 3+ months. However I think they might be 4-day/week during the Covid time. My son was there from 7 months pre-Covid.

We went to a small in home daycare in Berkeley that my daughter absolutely loved. Its close to Ashby so it might be a bit out of the area for you. Sunshine Daycare They were very loving

Our son goes to pride in learning Montessori - Montclair campus off of thornhill. He’s been going since he was 9 month old and he is thriving. He is now 19 months and he knows how to use sign language and he is learning to talk and improve his vocabulary. We love the curriculum. The teachers are super loving and kind and I am pregnant with my second arriving may 2021 also and I plan on putting my baby in the infant program around 3 months part time. I had a nanny with my son from 3 months to 9 months and I really wish I’d put him in the daycare sooner. Good luck.