Ideas for 5-weeks of childcare for 3-year old this summer?

Hi there! We are moving to Oakland in a few weeks and my son's preschool doesn't start until September. We had assumed we could just sign him up for a day-camp of some sort but we haven't found any that accept 3-year olds (he is potty trained). 

I've posted to BPN to see if we can join a nanny-share for 5 weeks but I'm curious if anyone has other suggestions. Is there a camp we overlooked? Another creative solution? 

Thanks so much for your help! 


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Consider Rising Star Montesori in Alameda. They allow weekly attendance if they have space...might be a bit far, but we put my then three year old in this school for a few weeks in summer when he was 3

Hi, you can contact Ms. Lan Ding at 510-375-9428. She has a daycare in Albany and can take the short term care for kids. Also she can teach Chinese Mandarine there. Weina

We are in Albany, and have been sending our 3 year old son to Creative Play Center here. It's a preschool during the year, but they offer summer camps. It is fantastic!

Also, I just saw Urban Adamah takes 3 year olds for their farm/garden camp in Berkeley.

You might check-in with some other local preschools...or I would be happy to take your son with our kiddos some days. I'm sure there are also nanny shares close by that might take him for the chunk of weeks.


Monkey Business  and Habitot both take three year olds.

Try Habitot Children's Museum. Part of the summer their camp only runs half-day, but part of the summer it runs full day, so check your dates. Also, check out I just checked and found at least 5 options for kids that age (there are more, I just stopped counting). Good luck!