How much do you pay your nanny share nanny?

I am having a hard time finding updated rates. We are in Berkeley and are curious as to how much people are currently paying for nanny shares. Would you mind sharing your information?

two babies/toddlers?

three babies/toddlers?

four babies/toddlers?


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Two kids any age $30. Haven’t hear of nanny shares with more than two, but maybe $10-15 more per kid?

We pay $30/hour for 40 hours/week for 2 toddlers in Oakland. We also provide paid sick/vacation/etc.  Our nanny is very good/experienced and i think this is on the medium/high end of spectrum because of that.

In our share, each family is paying $15/hour for 2 infants ($30/hour total). It would be $24/hour for one infant.

We paid 13.50 or 14 for a share of 2/3 toddlers (we had two part-time families)