How to introduce new partner to tween & teens

After a couple of years of dating, I have finally found a partner that I would like to introduce to my tween and teens, as well as meet his tweens. I would like to do it in the best way possible and I’m looking for any advice, podcasts and/or books that speak to an effective way(s) to introduce him to them; not to mention meet his tweens as I’m not sure if at this age all together is better. I understand that I can’t make them like him or his kids like me; I’m just feeling at a loss of how to even orchestrate a meeting or meetings if separate might be better since I’m probably overthinking it. Thank you in advance for your help.

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There was a recent post similar to yours (…) you might want to check out. Bottom line, great that you are happy, don't expect the kids (yours or his) to be. Hopefully someone else will pitch in with some advice, but I would suggest you take it slow, for the sake of all the kids. 

Hi, yes, thank you! I saw that post and it is helpful for long term, but I was hoping/looking for advice of the actual introduction. Specifically is it better to do it at home or on an outing, all together or me to his kids and then him to mine, etc. I will probably have to figure it out as I go lol.