Homeschooling a middle school or high schooler

Our son is in a private Catholic school that goes thru 8 th grade. We are thinking about alternatives to the public high school in our area (John Swett ) and would love to hear suggestions as to Home schooling for a high school student. He is way above grade level but shy and would probably be better served if he could work at his own pace but still have social interaction with other home schoolers. Any thoughts or suggestions as to where to start looking?

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Hi there,

Have you considered Tilden Prep? It's a great option for kids who don't fit the mold of a typical brick-and-mortar school, for whatever reason. It's great because kids can work at their own pace but still be in group classes if they wish. There are two campuses: Walnut Creek and Albany: However, it is pricey. We live in BUSD and they offer an Independent Studies program. You might want to see if your school district offers a similar program. Good luck!