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We moved to Berkeley from NYC in Jan.  Previously I had been homeschooling our son (Grade 8) in NYC. In Jan we enrolled him in Willard Middle to help him make friends, and prepare him for the fall transition to Berkeley High School.  Now with Covid-19, his school (like most) have transitioned online.  We are unhappy with this online transition, but understand it under the circumstances (the teachers are working so hard ♥️ )- that being said, I would like to be better prepared for the fall.  In the event the students aren't in the high school in a "traditional" way, we were thinking of going back to homeschooling. We were excited for him to have the social aspect of high school, and if that can't happen, we would prefer to take over his education.  Has anyone homeschooled a high schooler before that can give us any advice? Groups? Classes?  In NY, there is much less oversight than in California, so I am not familiar with the idea of working with a charter, etc. Any advice would be appreciated!

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You may want to look into Berkeley High School's Independent Study program as a midway point or segue between homeschooling and the return of live classes at BHS.

You should check out Berkeley High Independent Study program. 


We homeschooled our 16 year old daughter for several years. Here is a list of my favorite homeschool resources. Institute for Excellence in Writing, for mathematics, History, Language and any other class., for mathematics, well trained mind, BigHistory Project. 
If you need any more resources please advise and I can forward what I know to be reputable. 

Good Luck. 

I homeschooled my daughter K-8 through Hickman Charter School. She decided to attend the Oakland School for the Arts for High School, so my knowledge about homeschooling high school is not first hand...and now with the Corona Virus much of this may be a moot point anyway. However... I know that many folks, file a Private School Affidavit and then utilize the Community Colleges to supplement their programs. Here's some info about that here  I also knew someone who went to Valley View Charter Prep... Tilden Prep is also a possibility, although they are more pricey. There's also at least one Google Group that focuses on homeschooling high school.. Hope this is helpful, best of luck in continuing your homeschool adventure!