Home birth midwife in the East Bay?

Hi all,

I have 2 questions: I would really like to work with Michelle Wellborn as a midwife but she is not responding to emails/calls. Does anyone know if she's currently working?

And second, I am looking for home birth midwife recommendations, someone seasoned and preferably middle aged+


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I don't know anything about Michelle Wellborn but I worked with Ellen Levitt at https://www.wombservicemidwifery.com/ and had a wonderful experience.  She meets both your criteria and caught my postpartum pre-eclampsia well before western medicine would have. I'm happy to share more if you're interested. 

Hi! Congratulations first and I cannot answer your first question but I just had a homebirth in February and had a wonderful experience with my midwife team. It was through Community Birth Works and both Cynthia and Sophia were amazing throughout my care and the successful HBA2C. 

I received amazing midwifery care from Amanda & Jeannie at East Bay Midwives!

I also received amazing midwifery care from Amanda & Jeannie at East Bay Midwives - highly recommend them!

A second to the wonderful experience with Amanda and Jeannie of East Bay Midwives! Jeannie delivered both my boys and we couldn't have loved our experience with them more. 

I worked with Alana Diamos, who is a colleague and peer of Michelle Wellborn's and I LOVED her. Happy to chat one on one about my experience with her if that would be helpful to you, just contact me directly.