Hire Artist for Garage Mural?

Our garage door is prominent and boring, and the paint is peeling anyway. I had a thought of hiring an artist for a mural, which my partner thinks would be cost-prohibitive. Has anyone done anything like this lately? I see some fairly new art along the Ohlone Greenway. Wondering the process and cost. I would like to support local art and artists!

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Contact Oakland School for the Arts. Many talented students and teachers!

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Check out Unlimited Murals based in Oakland. My co-worker had a great experience with them. I believe pricing is based on the size of the mural and varies on what you would like painted. https://unlimitedmurals.com

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I hired Nakari Zion, a local Richmond artist, to do my back fence.  He does holiday windows for local businesses.  You can find him on FB or through Rich City Rides in Richmond.

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Definitely contact Pancho Pescador (AKA Peskador). You will see his beautiful, colorful life-affirming murals all over Oakland! https://www.instagram.com/Panchopescador/  

Pancho was hired to do a mural on the building across the street from me. Here's a photo:

An amazing talent. He can be reached via Facebook as well.

Good luck!

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Jet Martinez is a local artist, he's done many murals in the East Bay. You've probably seen his work around town.