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  • Hire Artist for Garage Mural?

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    Our garage door is prominent and boring, and the paint is peeling anyway. I had a thought of hiring an artist for a mural, which my partner thinks would be cost-prohibitive. Has anyone done anything like this lately? I see some fairly new art along the Ohlone Greenway. Wondering the process and cost. I would like to support local art and artists!

    Contact Oakland School for the Arts. Many talented students and teachers!

    Check out Unlimited Murals based in Oakland. My co-worker had a great experience with them. I believe pricing is based on the size of the mural and varies on what you would like painted.

    I hired Nakari Zion, a local Richmond artist, to do my back fence.  He does holiday windows for local businesses.  You can find him on FB or through Rich City Rides in Richmond.

    Definitely contact Pancho Pescador (AKA Peskador). You will see his beautiful, colorful life-affirming murals all over Oakland!  

    Pancho was hired to do a mural on the building across the street from me. Here's a photo:

    An amazing talent. He can be reached via Facebook as well.

    Good luck!

    Jet Martinez is a local artist, he's done many murals in the East Bay. You've probably seen his work around town. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Muralist for baby's room

Sept 2005

Any one know of a good muralist/painter for a baby's room? We live in the Lamorinda area. Thanks! Jennifer

Deirdre McCarthy is a very talented muralist who has done all kinds of murals, including children's rooms. She is in Alameda but has done work in Contra Costa County also, including a children's room in Orinda. You can email her at mcdybas[at] lbytof

Try Connie Vink for Murals. She did all the murals at Cotton and Co on College Ave and does a lot around the area. Her website is or her number is 209-588-9821. sharon

Karen Lewis painted a colorful, fun, underwater/bunny themed mural for my friend's little girl. She made coordinating window treatments and I'm sure she could do comforters, pillows and soft stuffed creatures to match too! Here's her website: or call her at: 510.251.9322 or email her at: karen[at]

Artist for trompe l'oeil/whimsical landscape murals

June 2004

Looking for a skilled, reasonably-priced, and professional artist to do some trompe l'oeil/whimsical landscape murals in Oakland. This job requires a reasonable amount of skill and should not be a beginning artist. Must have experience, references, samples of previous work, etc. There's only one other recommendation on the parents network and it's from 1999. Appreciate any references or leads. Thanks!

I'd like to recommend Thad Warren, of Oakland, to anyone looking for an artist for murals, tromp l'oeil, faux, or other decorative effects. I've seen his portfolio. Amazing stuff. And, from what I know of him, he's definitely into what he does. I don't have his number, but his in-progress website is at He and his partner have a phone number posted there. (I recall that you've gotta click on a teeny-tiny circle at the left of their homepage to get to it.) Kerri

For a great wall artist, please give Connie Vink a try. She lives in the valley, but works up here frequently. She painted the ''whimsy woods'' character wall at Cotton and Company on College Ave and the farm mural that looks onto the back parking lot. She can do all types of painting and has a wide range of styles. I beleive her prices are more reasonable than most (I paid $400 for a medium sized child's airplane mural, clouds, sky, etc) Give her a call 209-588-9821 she has brochures with samples of her work she can send you. I think you'll be happy with her work.

Try Caroline Stern. She does faux finish, murals, etc with real Fine Arts sensibility and ability. Her number is 510- 652-0683 and her e-mail is decoart AT Good luck

Mural for preschooler's room

May 2004

I am looking for someone (maybe a grad student in art?) to paint our preschooler's room - probably change the background color and for sure make murals of animals (simple, lovely wildlife on some walls and sea creatures on the other walls). Any idea where I can find such a person? Any idea what this should cost? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and recommendations. Ioana

Call Tom Matousek of Pied Piper Designs! His work is Amazing and he is truly a wonderful guy 925-787-1225, tjmatous at He has a portfolio/samples of completed works, or could sketch something for you on the spot. Have fun! Wendy

Loana, I just moved into a new house & found someone who painted my daughter's room with a circus theme on one side of her room & clowns on the other. My daughter loves it. The painter name is Lille James & her # is (510) 501-3622 She charged me $1,000. Tell her Shelly gave you her #.

My good friend Anne Wolf is a talented and creative artist who does murals in children's rooms. I have seen photos of the murals and they look great. Her clients get individual attention combined with professionalism and skill. Anne can give you an idea about costs, try her phone (510) 525-7105 or anwolf at lisa

Ioana: My brother, Tom Wendt, is an Illustrator and muralist who has been coming up to the bay area lately to paint murals. He can paint a 3 ft. by 7ft. mural starting around $300, for example. He wouldn't have any problem painting animals around a room as you would like. Do keep in mind that intricate detail adds more time/cost. He can be reached at (209)525-8341 (in Modesto). He can email photos of his work. Eric

I know a young mother in Napa who has been doing specialized painting in the Valley and beyond for several years. I have never personally used her services but have seen her work, and a friend of mine in Berkeley had her do her son's toy chest. She specializes in floral and mural designs, walls and furniture, she can also match colors and designs of linens. Her name is Mara Pickett, her business phone is (707)256-3117. I know you are thinking that she may be quite costly. I would give her a try though. She is young and enthusiastic and still building her portfolio. Good Luck! Sarah

To the woman looking for someone to paint children's bedroom wall mural: I'm not sure when you posted your request... but, yes, I have a recommendation. Thad Warren. I just recommended him to someone looking for a restoration artist, but your project is more precisely ''up the alley'' of what he does these days. (decorative painting, murals, faux finishes) He lives in Oakland. I don't have his phone number, but his website address is He's good!!! ... and definitely ''into'' what he does. (I know he has a few photos of his children's wall murals posted on his site.) k.f

Custom Nursery Stencils

March 2004

If you'd like to give your child's room a sweet, whimsical touch, I'd highly recommend the handpainted stencils of my neighbor, Dave Guthrie. Dave recently designed and painted a magical border of dragonflies and ladybugs in my daughter-to-be's room. He's very reasonably priced, has a wonderful sense of design and color, and is quite easy to work with. Dave adapted the design from a piece of bedding that I had, but has many of his own designs as well. He turned a small plain bedroom into a little wonderland. I can't recommend him highly enough! Dave also designs signs and graphics. He can be reached at 510-527- 9072. Alison

Mural for child's room


Anyone know a painter (amateur or professional) who would paint a mural on the walls of my kids' room? I don't have a lot of money to spend, but I'd like something a few steps up from what I could do myself. Any leads would be appreciated. Judith

My husband and I hired Carolyn of Deco Art in North Oakland to paint a cloudscape on the ceiling of our son's room. We love it! It's soft and beautiful with hues of purple and other sunset colors. She's a one-woman show and is very pleasant to work with. Her number is 652-0683. S. Harris

My neighbor is an artist and has a business of painting children's furniture and walls. She is a mom too. Her name is Laura and her # is 655-0678. Tell her I referred you. Good Luck! Vicki

More reviews of muralists

March 2005

mural/kids room painter

i have a friend stan stroh who is an incredible artist. he can transform any room into a magical space! let him work with you & your child to create an original mural that reflects your childms unique spirit. Call (510) 558-0178 or email- stanstroh AT Corey

Jan 2005

Decorative Painter/Murals

I wanted to recommend a painter who recently did my son's room and bathroom. The bedroom is a beach theme with huge palm trees and the adjoining bathroom is an all encompassing ocean with Nemo and his pals. It's wonderful! Her name is Connie Vink and I believe she painted the mural inside Cotton & Co on College. She has a website: I highly recommend her. sharon

Mural artist/Decorative Painter for your nursery or children's room!

If you're looking for someone to paint your baby's nursery, any room in the house or a mural for your business, I highly recommend Tricia Sheridan. We're expecting our baby next month and Tricia painted my daughter's nursery and it's gorgeous! She has many years of experience and a beautiful portfolio.... check out her website at: or call her at (415) 461-4931 (Tell her Randa recommended you!) Randa From: SalsaC (5/99)

I would like to recommen Flo Simon, 531-2749 to anyone who wants either interior painting or tromp l'oiel, faux painting or stenciling done. He is an artist from Germany and is easy to work with and listens to what you want and is good at suggesting colors and ideas. Small jobs okay.

More recommendations

Feb 2006

I have a great recommendation for anyone looking to have something fun done for their kid's room or furniture. Jonah and Lindsey are students at CCAC- great, nice, fun to work with. They designed and painted a mural in our children's room which looks absolutely fantastic. And they were very reasonably priced. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to finally re-do their children's room or spruce up that old beat-up bookcase. I am happy to recommend them and/or send photos of their work. Their phone numbers: Johah (510) 295-3564 and Lindsey (510) 333-7780

March 2005

i have a friend stan stroh who is an incredible artist. he can transform any room into a magical space! let him work with you & your child to create an original mural that reflects your childms unique spirit. Call (510) 558-0178 or email- stanstroh[at/ Corey

January 2005

I wanted to recommend a painter who recently did my son's room and bathroom. The bedroom is a beach theme with huge palm trees and the adjoining bathroom is an all encompassing ocean with Nemo and his pals. It's wonderful! Her name is Connie Vink and I believe she painted the mural inside Cotton & Co on College. She has a website: I highly recommend her. sharon

December 2004

Mural artist/Decorative Painter for your nursery or children's room!
I have an excellent recommendation for a mural artist/decorative painter. Tricia Sheridan painted my nursery today and did an gorgeous job! We're having a girls so she painted a mural with flowers, butterflies, birds and my daughter's name. I highly recommend her to add a special touch for your nursery or children's room. It's so much nicer than putting up silly wallpaper, etc. Check out her website at or call her at (415)451-4931


Alphabet Letters

I'm looking for a place that sells the alphabet letters for decorating a bedroom. If possible I'd like to find some that can be painted. Thanks. Lisa

Hi, I recall seeing unfinished alphabet letters at Gorman and Sons Furniture on Telegraph (a block or so south of Dwight, just across from the 7-11). They are a wonderful old Berkeley business that sells unfinished and finished wood furniture and smaller things made of wood like mailboxes and desk-top items -- not always the cheapest, but a huge selection and a non-chain locally owned store! Nicole

reply: alphabet letters for bedroom. we got ours at the teacher/parent store (forgot the exact name) on Grand Ave in Oakland, same block as the movie theater - they are beautiful! betty BBConsults

Note from Myriam: This is Oakland Parent Teacher Store 3308 Grand Avenue Oakland Phone: 510-444-5751