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Hello Fellow Parents! After a 10+ stint at home raising kids and volunteering galore, including board leadership positions, I am looking to return to the workforce. Does anyone have a recommendation for a resume service (or person,) that can help me package my skills into something truly marketable? Thank you in advance! 

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Hi there, I have been working with an amazing Career Coach, Victoria Whittaker, that I think could be a good fit for you! I'm a new mom and in the process of making a transition from a full time nonprofit director role to something more manageable and Victoria has been fantastic at guiding me and reflecting with me, as well as tailoring my job search and resume/cover letters. Check out her website



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Hi - I will heartily recommend Val Esway and Rock Solid Resumes ( ). As well as being incredibly creative and a good listener, Val is truly gifted at taking stock of experience and skills and laying them out to present a full picture of your capabilities. She's fun to work with as well. Run, don't walk!