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  • I work in the tech industry and over the last 10 years I have had to jump from one job to another because my company has either merged or been acquired, with the expected job layoffs/staff cutting ensuing - kind of par for the course in tech. Each time I have been able to successfully stay a little ahead of the curve and exit before the *#% hits the fan; with a bit of luck & huge focus I have managed to land on my feet each time. However, it has taken time & energy to revamp resumes, network, apply to job posts etc. I am in a mid-career position & manage/administer information systems. With increasing family commitments and what I know is acquisition down the road for my current employer, I am looking for professional help with revamping my resume. Any recommendations on professional career / resume writing, advice & positioning? Certified Resume Writer credentials preferred, tech industry experience if possible and good knowledge of current electronic recruiting practices (keyword screening, SEOs, social media, candidate filtering, digital job board [e.g., LinkedIn]). A bit of a tall order, but it’s a real brave new world out there. :)  I shudder at what the job market will be for my kids :(  Any of your experience, referrals & recommendations much appreciated. Thank you!

    I've been in something of the same boat, though I work in the design field within the tech industry. I was laid off in late 2017 after my business unit left San Francisco. It took a long time to get back in and I eventually joined my previous manager at another company as a contractor due to FT headcount limits. I'm just starting a new FT gig on Monday! Turnover is not uncommon in our space. 

    I don't have any recommendations for resume services, but what I can advise - what has worked for me - is to network, network, network. I was very active in networking and called upon anyone I knew and reached out to many I didn't. I paid for the "full service" package on LinkedIn (expensive) and that allowed me unlimited Messages. And anytime I applied online for a role I always reached out to a recruiter there or someone on the team to point them to it and express my sincere interest. Otherwise, I'd reach out to be curious about their company and team and offer to chat by phone or meet for coffee to learn more. 

    One thing that did help, though, was when our team of 25 was laid off we critiqued each others resumes and that helped a lot. Thats said, it seems today that resumes often go nowhere and it's the active networking and follow-up that matter most. And your existing network is your most productive path too. And also make sure your LinkedIn profile is very strong! You can search online for best practices in how to shape it for the kinds of roles that interest you.

    All that said, there are career counselors who can advise you on your resume. But I've often found that they often don't really understand the nuances of the tech industry. 

    It's all really exhausting! But it seems to be a new normal. Personally, I wish health insurance was portable because that's often a driver, and the "new normal" is not keeping up with how we currently get health insurance. And I too shudder to think what our kids will have to go through. They'll need grit, tenacity, persistence and luck. 

    Good luck and hang in there!

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    The archived recommendations are quite dated, and I really need someone who is able to help people compete in the 2016 job market. I'm a SAHM trying to re-enter the workforce. I have a lot of work experience, but very little in the past 8 years (generally small contract jobs). I used to have no problem constructing a resume, but I don't trust myself anymore - I feel really outdated and am not certain what format to use or what to highlight. I've been on iRelaunch and other sites and am certain that I need at least 2 versions of my resume ready to further tailor and send. If you've had RECENT luck with a writer/coach, please let me know. Many thanks!

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    The reviews for resume writers currently date back to 2013. Can anyone make a current recommendation for a superb resume writer?

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Seeking professional resume writer

Feb 2013

I'm seeking recommendations for a professional resume writer who can help me update my resume and make it really sparkle! Preferably someone who has solid experience with corporate business. Thanks! New job seeker

I recently had the pleasure of working with Maggie Ballard. After tinkering around with my resume for several months I decided I needed some professional fresh eyes on it, and Maggie surpassed my expectations. She interviewed me in depth over the phone, extracting real work experience from me that I had not previously considered. She was very affordable and gave me choices about how much homework I wanted to take on in order to keep costs down. She was upfront about her current workload, and assured me about when my work would be completed. I am positively thrilled with the final product and felt that Maggie was personally invested in the outcome. I know that I can pick up the phone at any time if I need to consult with her. She will be a tremendous advocate for you, and work to present you in the most compelling way. I highly recommend Maggie. She can be reached at 408-637-3205 or maggieballard [at] linn510

I worked with Maggie Ballard and she was really fantastic. She asked great questions, incorporated and expanded upon my answers and helped me see my experience and skills in new light. I loved that she was supportive and realistic - she wasn't just a cheerleader and I left our meetings feeling focused and motivated. She can be reached at: 408-637-3205 or maggieballard [at] Good Luck! Miri

A friend of mine is a professional writer, and has done resumes as well as corporate bios. He also has a law degree and an MBA, and has experience as a journalist. He lives in Los Altos, but he comes up to Berkeley once a week or so for other jobs. His name is Ross Blaufarb, and you can reach him at rossblaufarb [at] Janet

I had an excellent experience working with Maggie Ballard. She can be reached at 408-637-3205 or maggieballard [at] I have a complicated professional history in a very specialized field. The resume I had previously put together myself was probably doing more harm than good. Maggie had a thoughtful and efficient process for exploring my professional experience and produced a resume for me that does an excellent job of clearly and powerfully presenting my skills and experience. I recommended Maggie to a professional colleague and he had a similar experience with her. Overall, I found Maggie very easy to work with, her fees were very reasonable and I got good value from the time and money I spent working with her. Bill

I worked with Maggie Ballard late last year and I highly recommend her services. She was quick to respond, provided excellent feedback and was extremely reasonable with her fees. I wanted to change my resume to a more functional format based on my interest in a career change. Maggie completely understood what I wanted to achieve and provided an excellent updated resume for me. She was very thorough and definitely knows what she is doing. Below is her e-mail address: maggieballard [at] Satisfied Customer

Finding someone to help with my husband's resume

July 2012

My husband needs help with his resume. He is in commercial real estate. For various reasons he has moved around jobs. For instance buildings sold, etc. He is having trouble finding a good way to say this on paper and doesn't want to get weeded out. Does anyone have any recomendations for someone who can help with this process. How much should we expect to pay for the service and how long does it typically take? anon

I have used Pam Condie as an office organizer and I know she is a Certified Professional Resume Writer. She has a gift for drawing her clients out so that she can present them in the best possible (and truthful) light. Her telephone is 510- 653-7744. stu

Need help writing my resume

Jan 2012

Hi, I need help rewriting my resume. I would like to find someone who knows how to ask questions, highlight pertinent areas and skills set (personal and professional), and put that on paper (virtual and otherwise) as something that is hopefully compelling enough to pique interest in future employers. I'm currently employed so it's not at a critical stage, but ideally would like to be moving onward and upward within a year. Thanks! Sandra

Carrie McKiernan helped me with my resume when I was returning to work - it was easy, and she was great to work with. What I wound up with was MUCH better than what I started with - her website is Have A New Job

Hi I recently worked with Lisa Rothman on my resume. Lisa was professional, supportive, and knowledgable. She came to our meeting prepared and was very efficient. When Lisa left I was able to rewrite my resume with confidence and an understanding of what makes an effective resume. I showed it to a close friend who reads resumes and she thought it was a great resume. Lisa is fantastic! Contact her at rothman.lisa [at] Good luck! D.

Resume help, nonprofit sector

Oct 2011

I need help revamping my resume and developing my 30 second speech on what I do. I'm looking for someone creative and thoughtful, and experience in the nonprofit sector would be especially helpful. I don't need long-term career coaching, but immediate, short-term help to package/present my skills and experience, etc. Thanks Resume challenged

When I saw that you asked for someone creative and thoughtful, I thought right away about my career counselor, Toni Littlestone. I've worked with her on and off over many years and through several job changes. People think of career counselors as just helping with finding a career path, but Toni is also fantastic with immediate, short-term help on the things you mentioned. I am in the nonprofit field, and she's given me invaluable feedback on my resume each time I've been in a job search, and has assisted me in transforming my style in presenting myself. Coaching people on how to talk about themselves is one of her specialties, and it's made such a difference to me that now I coach my friends with some of the techniques she's taught me. You can reach her at 510-528-2221 or best wishes on your search

Hi--I'd enthusiastically recommend Toni Littlestone, the career counselor in Albany. She's often recommended here in connection with finding a job and dealing with gnarly work situations, but I've also found her really helpful with smaller, targeted things like refreshing my resume and putting together an 'elevator speech' about myself. (Sometimes I've seen her in person, sometimes I've sent her my resume/cover letter by email and gone over them by phone with her.)

I'm a non-profit person, and I've always felt like she totally gets the nuances of that whole world. I think she's the best around, and lots of my friends have liked her, too--528-2221 or

2009-2010 Recommendations

Resume & Cover Letter Writing

Sept 2010

I'm just recently getting back into the job market and have found it frustrating to apply for posted jobs through company web pages. I rarely get a response. I'm not sure if its my resume, its preparation, the writing or if there's just too many applicants for the job posting. As a result, I would like some help with my resume & cover letters just to be sure my language is clear and I'm covering my bases. Can anyone recommend or does anyone have experience using a person or service which can provide help with a CV & cover letters at a reasonable cost? Many thanks

Hi! You should definitely contact Lisa Rothman ( ) She helped me out with some tough work-related questions I had. I'm a photographer specializing in family/children portraits and she helped me with editing all of my new website's text (you can see it here: She was patience, listened to all my concerns and gave me some great and very valuable inputs. The most amazing thing is I won 3 hours of consultation services with her on a raffle from my son's school and when I contacted her she still treated me with a red carpet! Contact Lisa and you'll for sure be in great hands! Priscila

I'd love to recommend Lisa Rothman. As a stay-at-home mom who hasn't worked in 8 years, I was very intimidated about trying to re-enter the job market. With one conversation, Lisa completely restructured my resume for the job I was applying for and gave me great advice with specific examples for writing a fantastic cover letter. She is an exceptional combination of really smart, efficient, funny and thoughtful. It was really the best money I could imagine spending on this process.

Here's the email I sent her the morning after our talk: Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for our conversation yesterday. I feel so inspired and renewed by talking with you, and I so appreciate all of your advice and suggestions. Thank you! You make me feel like it will be possible eventually for me to go back to work--something which I haven't felt in a while. I will be one of those Berkeley Parents Network ravers and will definitely recommend you to my friends here. And here's her website:

Hi, I have worked with at least 3 resume writers in the past. Some of them did that for living. Among them, Lisa was the most caring and personable resume writer. You can feel that she actually cares. She will take her time to understand your needs, weakness, and strenght so she can write a resume and a cover letter that represent you. She is also very open to feedback and more than willing to rewrite if you have any issues with it. It is hard to get an interview!!! Good luck. on the same boat

Need a 'makeover' for social justice related positions

Feb 2010

Can anyone recommend a person with professional experience reviewing and helping to rewrite resumes for a mom with a long history of professional experience in a range of social justice related positions? I have a draft and am looking for a 'makeover'. b.

I highly recommend Lisa Rothman. I was hired 4 months ago for my dream job and I can say with absolute confidence that I would not have gotten this position without Lisa's help. She re-crafted my resume to really highlight how my experience fit into the skills needed for the job. She's a great listener and collaborator! She also gave me fantastic interview advice and coaching. In my job search, I was called to interview for EVERY position I applied for-- unheard of in this tight economy. I can't say enough great things about her. VLR

I would like to suggest Lisa Rothman. She helped to update and greatly improve my resume and also gave me a wonderful strategy for drafting cover letters. She was great. She is very good at what she does and she managed our time together very well, which was important since I was on a very tight budget. She listened well and synthesized a lot of information quickly and was very proactive in helping me to get where I wanted to go. On top of all that she is really nice and pleasant to work with! Good luck with everything! Her info:510-387-7524 Laurie L

Reframing resumes for career-changers

Nov 2009

Hi BPNers: I'm seeking recommendations for E.Bay-based resume writing professionals. I would like to be paired with someone who has an expertise in re-framing/re-tooling resumes for career-changers. If at all possible, I would like to hear about any results guarantees or success stories that they've had with previous clients (i.e., new resume led to xx number of interviews; calls from HR folks). Regarding payment, I am hoping to spend less than $150 for their services. Resume Needs Revamping

Robin Davis is a long time hi-tech recruiter who also coaches people in transition, resume rewriting, and interview skills. She is not a straight career coach per se, I would call her more of a transition coach, bordering on life coach. I am probably not describing what she does totally accurately, but know that she definitely can help with resume transformations. Try her: Robin Davis rpd2100 [at] -- Ashley

Bringing my resume up to date

March 2009

I am looking for someone to help me bring my resume up to date. I am looking for someone in the Berkeley or Albany area. E.

I highly recommend Cliff Flamer from Brightside Resumes. - Lily

2006-2008 Recommendations

May 2007

I am looking for an excellent resume writer to write my resume. I would like to make a request for other people's experiences with good resume writers, please.

My teenage son has seen the career consultant, Louise Goeckel, twice and I can highly recommend her services for resume writing. My son met with her the first time two years ago when he needed help with his resume as a senior in High School. His experiences with Louise were so positive that not only did he get the first job he applied for but he was highly motivated to go for the interview, because of the outstanding meeting with Louise!. This year they met again to update his resume because now he wants to explore new territories in his native country for the summer. When he came home after their meeting and I read the cover letter and the resume, I saw the depth of a person that Louise can bring out with the words and the ideas expressed. As a mother of a teenager, I could not find a better support! And for me, I use her services as a business coach and there is not another like her!!! I have not met anyone with more warmth and heartfelt attention and skill anywhere. Louise helps me go forward in the direction I want to go! You can contact her: Louise Goeckel, MA, 510-749-9624, LGconsults [at]
Enjoy, Claudia R.

April 2007

I would like help writing a resume that is tailored for a teaching job at a community college. thanks

Margaret Lucke is excellent: 510-799-1764, getlucke [at] . Jane W.

2003-2005 Recommendations

June 2004

I'm trying to find someone who might be able to put together a resume for my husband, who is an IT Director of a small company. I am especially interested in someone who specializes in IT (Information Technology). Thanks for your help!

We used Bob Burg M.A. for my husband's tech resume. He just started applying for jobs so can't tell you if it's paid off, but the resume looks good. $290 for a resume and cover letter.It took about six hours in two appointments to finish. He has you sit with him while he's doing it. 510-527-3199

June 2004

I need to find a resume writer and recruiter for my husband, preferable in the east bay area. He is currently in the technical field (telecommunications, database, unix) and would like to advance his career and pay, and I need to find someone that can create a poping resume and also a recruiter that would be willing to work to find him job. Can I get some recommendations for those services from people out there? needs a better job

I recommend Tyrone Tan as a resume writer. Accel Employment Services is in Oakland. Phone is 893-3000 Ext. 206 . His website is He is a very effective communicator, funny, and full of good ideas. Rebecca

Feb 2003

I am looking for a person who can write a strong cover letter and resume for me. As English is my second language, I need someone who can help me with writing a strong resume. I am in social worker profession. Fee is negotiable. Does anybody have recommendation for a great writer?

I would like to recommend my friend Sande Smith as a resume writer. She has helped me with things I needed written, and has written a few books. I know she has written resumes and cover letters for others, as well as papers, reports and presentations. Because she has studied other languages, she really enjoys working with people who have English as a second language. I know she has received compliments from interviewers about her own cover letters. So I can highly recommend her! Her phone number is 925-937-2446 and her email is sequoya AT