Another merger/acquisition - resume help needed

I work in the tech industry and over the last 10 years I have had to jump from one job to another because my company has either merged or been acquired, with the expected job layoffs/staff cutting ensuing - kind of par for the course in tech. Each time I have been able to successfully stay a little ahead of the curve and exit before the *#% hits the fan; with a bit of luck & huge focus I have managed to land on my feet each time. However, it has taken time & energy to revamp resumes, network, apply to job posts etc. I am in a mid-career position & manage/administer information systems. With increasing family commitments and what I know is acquisition down the road for my current employer, I am looking for professional help with revamping my resume. Any recommendations on professional career / resume writing, advice & positioning? Certified Resume Writer credentials preferred, tech industry experience if possible and good knowledge of current electronic recruiting practices (keyword screening, SEOs, social media, candidate filtering, digital job board [e.g., LinkedIn]). A bit of a tall order, but it’s a real brave new world out there. :)  I shudder at what the job market will be for my kids :(  Any of your experience, referrals & recommendations much appreciated. Thank you!

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I've been in something of the same boat, though I work in the design field within the tech industry. I was laid off in late 2017 after my business unit left San Francisco. It took a long time to get back in and I eventually joined my previous manager at another company as a contractor due to FT headcount limits. I'm just starting a new FT gig on Monday! Turnover is not uncommon in our space. 

I don't have any recommendations for resume services, but what I can advise - what has worked for me - is to network, network, network. I was very active in networking and called upon anyone I knew and reached out to many I didn't. I paid for the "full service" package on LinkedIn (expensive) and that allowed me unlimited Messages. And anytime I applied online for a role I always reached out to a recruiter there or someone on the team to point them to it and express my sincere interest. Otherwise, I'd reach out to be curious about their company and team and offer to chat by phone or meet for coffee to learn more. 

One thing that did help, though, was when our team of 25 was laid off we critiqued each others resumes and that helped a lot. Thats said, it seems today that resumes often go nowhere and it's the active networking and follow-up that matter most. And your existing network is your most productive path too. And also make sure your LinkedIn profile is very strong! You can search online for best practices in how to shape it for the kinds of roles that interest you.

All that said, there are career counselors who can advise you on your resume. But I've often found that they often don't really understand the nuances of the tech industry. 

It's all really exhausting! But it seems to be a new normal. Personally, I wish health insurance was portable because that's often a driver, and the "new normal" is not keeping up with how we currently get health insurance. And I too shudder to think what our kids will have to go through. They'll need grit, tenacity, persistence and luck. 

Good luck and hang in there!