Good Neighborhoods for Trick or Treating in Berkeley/Oakland

I'm considering taking my 3-year old trick or treating this year and am looking for neighborhoods in the Berkeley/Oakland area that are particularly welcoming to Halloween trick or treaters.  Any recommendations are much appreciated!

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People ask this question on BPN and NextDoor every year and I never understand the motivation. Why don't people go in their immediate neighborhood? Who wants to drive on Halloween night (safety hazard)? We always walk around our modest neighborhood in the EC flats. A majority of houses participate, not all do (including a few with lights on and tv on that don't come to the door!), but after an hour my little kids have a full bag and go home happy. We see people we know out on the sidewalk, we enjoy the few decorations there are, we're not driving all over creation in search of the mythical street "where they give away full size candy bars". Be the change! Stay local for Halloween. And don't forget to give away candy at your own house!! For a 3 year old, answering the door with a bowl of candy to give away will be just as fun as (and less scary than) going up to a stranger's door and *talking* to them. Walk up and down your own block with your child, then answer the door together at home. Best Halloween ever, and the toddler's in bed by 7:30. :)

Your own! It is really the most fun if you can take your child around to your neighbors, particularly at such a young age.  If you don't know your neighbors, this is also a good way to get acquainted.  

Some people probably ask this question every year because their own neighborhoods are not safe or welcoming for trick-or-treaters. There are homes that do not decorate or participate due to safety concerns as well. That might help the previous person who responded understand some of the motivations for asking. Please don't judge.

My little ones have enjoyed trick or treating both in the Sheffield Village and Maxwell Park neighborhoods of Oakland. We probably visit about 5-8 homes, and then get extra candy that you can share with those homes for the extra flow of kids in their neighborhoods, or to share as a family too. 

To answer the respondent who asked why people ask this question, some people (like me) live on dark, mountainous streets with no sidewalks and no kids, where we haven't had a single trick-or-treater in the 20 years I've lived here.  There is literally not another house within a quarter mile that gives away candy.  I imagine other people live in neighborhoods where trick or treating might not be safe or viable for other reasons.  The first few years we lived here we hopefully purchased candy and decorated the house, but there just isn't anyone willing to venture down our street; now that we have kids we go to another neighborhood.  I would love it if we could all trick-or-treat our own neighborhoods, but sometimes that just doesn't work.

I, too, love the idea of keeping it local.  I live in West Oakland  - definitely not an area notable for great kid trick-or-treating.   But I just added my name to the NextDoor Trick-or-Treat Map and I was so excited to see many nearby houses on there!   Have you checked out the NextDoor Trick-or-Treat map in your area?  It could make you feel better about heading out close to home.