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  • Trick or treat in Alameda?

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    We just moved to East end this summer and we are wondering where would be the blocks to go for trick -or-treat? Or the ones to check on the decors? Thanks in advance!

    In my experience, you can't go wrong with trick-or-treating in Alameda, especially the East End. Just about every street will have decorations and lots of Halloween spirit. We have always covered the area between Grand / Park / Central / Clement while trick-or-treating and had a great time (and gotten a ton of candy). Welcome to Alameda! 

  • Trick or Treating in 2021?

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    What is the general consensus among Berkeley parents about trick or treating this year? Fauci has advised that the risk is minimal, and my kids really want to do it. As a parent new to Berkeley (the lower hills, specifically), would it be an imposition to take my kids out trick or treating?

    Fauci Says It’s Ok

    We plan to skip trick or treat again this year as kids are not yet vaccinated. We were happy with what we did last year and plan to do the same. Dress in costumes and walk around the hood checking out decorations. Many houses put out candies. If they were doing social distancing trick or treating, we got treats. (Some people had shoots, others had 6 ft long scoops or a bucket of candies outside). We roped off our house to show that we don’t want visitors but did leave a large bucket of candies and hand sanitizers outside for kids to take. We had a backyard day time Halloween gathering with 2 other families that were in our social bubble so that kids can play (masked and outside) and kids did scavenger hunt and jack o lantern piñata as well as pumpkin carvings. We also prearranged a trick or treat with a couple of neighbors. We had more candies than we could eat and kids had a blast. None of us missed the traditional trick or treat and felt this was very fun. 

    We live in University Village and residents here have started a list for which buildings will be participating. I will be taking my daughter trick-or-treating for her first time. I think risk is minimal. If nothing else, some folks will leave candy outside. Have fun!

    I think trick or treating will absolutely be “on” this year. 

    I’d say go for it! We are going to stay outdoors and wear masks, and (as you said) according to many experts I’ve read that risks are very low. 

    God I hope kids will be trick or treating this year. I definitely plan to take my kids out. Being outside is safe and this community is very highly vaccinated. I have zero concerns about the health implications of trick or treating.

    I'm doing it, if I can find a neighborhood that seems into it. Short, masked, outdoor interactions (that can also be distanced if we step back after knocking) are super low risk. People who are uncomfortable can choose not to answer the door, or put up a sign to please not knock. 

    We're in West Berkeley and plan to let our kids trick or treat this year. 

  • Halloween 2020

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    are families taking their kids trick or treating this year? alameda county advised a "medium" risk option for trick or treating would be to leave individual goodie bags out so kids and walk by and pick up. my son is small so trick or treating isn't really on his radar yet. i think we will still walk around in a costume and mask and sight see.

    I was hoping some of my neighbors that we know would be open to us trick-or-treating with our 3 year old so we could maybe take her to 3-5 houses for the experience.  In addition, we will probably walk around.  I look at trick or treating in a non-crowded place as a very low risk activity (outside, limited interaction with people, individually packaged items that can be wiped down (if deemed necessary), etc.).  

    We will either handout candy from a distance or leave it on front porch but have our lights on.

    I am planning on setting up a treat table at my house and walking my 3-year old around.

    Not for us. Trick or Tricking produces crowds making it an unsafe situation for the kids and the community at large. We won't be trick or treating or passing out candy, but we will be dressing up, doing Halloween crafts, having a Halloween-type Easter egg hunt, and watching a movie. Best to choose the safe route this year and make it a memorable experience at home.

    I would not advise trick or treating for your little ones this year. Instead, pumpkin patches and/or a Halloween parade may be a good way to go about Halloween celebrating this year. 

    We will not go trick or treating. Not safe and not considerate. We plan to leave a grab-n-go goody bags on the stoop and put up extra decorations this year to make it more festive. We'll do a masked neighborhood walk scavenger hunt on Friday with a friend and plan to stay inside the house on Halloween, play Halloween themed games and food, etc. 

    We are not going trick-or-treating, nor are we giving out candy. Our city (Alameda) strongly discourages it, and so I'm assuming no one is participating this year. We are going to let our son go trick or treating in our house, going to each room for a different candy, and we are going to watch a Halloween show or movie and eat popcorn and candy. We'll also take pictures of him in costume, and maybe do Zoom or Skype to show off costumes with others. Before Halloween, we'll go on a walk to look at decorations, carve our pumpkins, and do other Halloween things at home, but on Halloween night we will stay home just in case others are out and about. You are lucky that your son is young and won't miss trick or treating -- best to take advantage of that in my opinion!! 

    I'm planning on a candy chute. It is 19 times safer outside than inside, according to what I heard today. Walking around outside with a mask on is worth the risk, in my opinion. Kids love getting candy from strangers! 

    Thanks for this thread.
    Does anyone have ideas for Halloween-themed games? Or a cool scavenger hunt kit?
    Or outdoor well-decorated East Bay locations we could drive by?

  • Hi everyone --

    We're having a discussion in my neighborhood -- where have all the trick-or-treaters gone? We'd like more folks since some of us decorate a lot. We're in the flats, North Berkeley BART East and North of Ohlone Park, between Sacramento and Grant, Delaware to Cedar. I know there are some very busy streets that are kind of mob scenes, and we don't want to be that, but we do want to have more activity than we have had the last couple of years.

    I just joined this list and realize I might not be posting in time, but if this does get posted, I'd love suggestions of where to list our neighborhood, besides on this list!

    thank you -


    NextDoor trick or treat map? Post a couple flyers at Cedar Rose Park or James Kenney?

    If you and your neighbors use NextDoor.com, you could log your candy-giving status at https://nextdoor.com/treat/. 

  • I'm considering taking my 3-year old trick or treating this year and am looking for neighborhoods in the Berkeley/Oakland area that are particularly welcoming to Halloween trick or treaters.  Any recommendations are much appreciated!

    People ask this question on BPN and NextDoor every year and I never understand the motivation. Why don't people go in their immediate neighborhood? Who wants to drive on Halloween night (safety hazard)? We always walk around our modest neighborhood in the EC flats. A majority of houses participate, not all do (including a few with lights on and tv on that don't come to the door!), but after an hour my little kids have a full bag and go home happy. We see people we know out on the sidewalk, we enjoy the few decorations there are, we're not driving all over creation in search of the mythical street "where they give away full size candy bars". Be the change! Stay local for Halloween. And don't forget to give away candy at your own house!! For a 3 year old, answering the door with a bowl of candy to give away will be just as fun as (and less scary than) going up to a stranger's door and *talking* to them. Walk up and down your own block with your child, then answer the door together at home. Best Halloween ever, and the toddler's in bed by 7:30. :)

    Your own! It is really the most fun if you can take your child around to your neighbors, particularly at such a young age.  If you don't know your neighbors, this is also a good way to get acquainted.  

    Some people probably ask this question every year because their own neighborhoods are not safe or welcoming for trick-or-treaters. There are homes that do not decorate or participate due to safety concerns as well. That might help the previous person who responded understand some of the motivations for asking. Please don't judge.

    My little ones have enjoyed trick or treating both in the Sheffield Village and Maxwell Park neighborhoods of Oakland. We probably visit about 5-8 homes, and then get extra candy that you can share with those homes for the extra flow of kids in their neighborhoods, or to share as a family too. 

    To answer the respondent who asked why people ask this question, some people (like me) live on dark, mountainous streets with no sidewalks and no kids, where we haven't had a single trick-or-treater in the 20 years I've lived here.  There is literally not another house within a quarter mile that gives away candy.  I imagine other people live in neighborhoods where trick or treating might not be safe or viable for other reasons.  The first few years we lived here we hopefully purchased candy and decorated the house, but there just isn't anyone willing to venture down our street; now that we have kids we go to another neighborhood.  I would love it if we could all trick-or-treat our own neighborhoods, but sometimes that just doesn't work.

    I, too, love the idea of keeping it local.  I live in West Oakland  - definitely not an area notable for great kid trick-or-treating.   But I just added my name to the NextDoor Trick-or-Treat Map and I was so excited to see many nearby houses on there!   Have you checked out the NextDoor Trick-or-Treat map in your area?  It could make you feel better about heading out close to home.  

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Trick or Treating in El Cerrito

Oct 2014

Hi, Are there any really great areas to trick-or-treat in El Cerrito? When I lived in the city there was a great Halloween street by my house that really got into the spirit and decorated (they did a Harry Potter theme one year and had a car up in a tree!). I'm looking for a place to take my son where there is a lot of participation. We usually go on the streets by our house but last year very few houses were lit up and there were a lot of older kids. I'm looking for a nice place for a six-year old. Thanks

I hope you are on NextDoor.com. It's a great resource and our local group just posted a map where neighbors are giving out Halloween candy. Anyway, do sign up on NextDoor.com. It's really great. Lisa in El Cerrito

I've lived in EC for 4 years with kids and am unaware of any area that is supposed to be the 'best' for trick or treating. However, if I wanted to drive on Halloween (which I do not) I might go check out the St Jerome's neighborhood, in particular the blocks around the 'Wizard of Oz' house on Pomona. My own neighborhood (around ECHS) has always had enough participation that my kids don't feel shortchanged!

Oct 2011

Hi, We live in El Cerrito. Where is the best area to take a 4 year old trick or treating? Thanks

Loves candy

If you drive to Albany there are many children trickertreating and almost every house gives out candy.We were a few blocks from the high school but I think a lot of Albany is really good. anon

We live in the flats near the plaza/below the high school/& the Albany border and there's a lot of kids moving into this area. We have an almost 5 y.o. and have been going for the past 3 yrs and have a great time. There's always a lot of little kids before 8ish as the sun is going down. Hope you have fun! anon

Sept 2001

Does anyone know the good place where our 2 kids can trick-or-treat? We are from outside of the country. More than half of our neighbour live in an apartment including us and I guess no trick-or-treat here. I know some malls have Halloween events but I would like to take our kids to other neighbors. Can we do that? If so, where is the good place? I also check the old recommendation for it, but it's a bit far from here. We live in El Cerrito, so I prefer to taking them to El Cerrito, Albany, North Berkeley, or Richmond area. Thanks. Rie

Our neighborhood in the flats of El Cerrito is a very popular trick or treating spot. We live on Liberty Street 1 1/2 blocks down from Potrero. Maybe because it is a flat one-way street or maybe because there are lots of houses close together, plenty of folks come here with their kids. It makes for a fun festive night. So fun that we usually sit out on the front porch and have a ball handing out candy! In the past my 6 year old has enjoyed that more then getting her own candy.

Also, the retirement home on Gladys and Lexington has an annual Halloween event where the residents give out candy. I think that starts at about 6pm. Allison

A great, safe place to trick-or-treat is at El Cerrito Plaza. Some time before halloween (you have to check the paper, or go to the plaza and ask), the stores hold a trick-or-treat afternoon. The children go from store to store and trick-or-treat. Is safe, easy, and very sweet. We went last year, and it was fine. Mary

Well, I don't want to get TOO many more kids coming to our house. (I counted nearly 200 one year) But our neighborhood - also on McGee seems to be very popular, especially with the littler kids and their parents. Its on the other side of Cedar from Totland. I don't know why its so popular but we usually have a pretty good display at our house and some of our neighbors are also into it - not elaborate - no real skeletons or coffins but lots of giggling ghosts. I would recommend coming from just after dark to about 7:30 - after that we all start to shut down because the bigger kids start to come and also a lot of them are making their second rounds by then. Even though the streets are pretty well lit, don't forget your reflectors or flashlights!

Try UC Village in Albany! We live there and took our 2 year old up and down one block and that was perfect. She got to see all the other kids in costume and collected enough goodies to last us a while. Jennifer

The neighborhood right around Totland Park (intesection of Virginia & McGee in North Berkeley) is a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating -- very safe, lots of kids, mostly 1-and 2-family houses, minimal traffic. If you do take your kids trick-or-treating here, be sure to check out our landlords' festive Halloween display (usually includes cobwebs, gravestones etc.) at 1630 Virginia St. (right next to Totland).

We lived in Rockridge until '93 when my daughter turned 3, and for two years we went around the blocks of Boyd between Hudson and Clifton? and Lawton and gee, the street names left me, but that neighborhood had people out playing music on their stoops, incredibly carved jack-o-lanterns, and LOTS of kids with parents out trick-or-treating. Near the new Rockridge Library, a few blocks in from College. It's an enclave of families with little ones. I always felt very safe and happy there.

Very popular in Berkeley is the neighborhood around College Ave. and Russell St. (the Elmwood area of College just north of Ashby). This might be too intense for kids under 5; it is a carnival atmosphere with streets closed and lots of people walking around in costume. But the houses here go all out with decorations: haunted houses, smoke machines, strobe lights, etc. My kids never miss it.

Trick or Treat locations in Oakland

Oct 2014

I know there are good blocks or areas to go trick or treat for the kids, especially in Berkeley, but I was wondering if anyone knows of the good spots in Oakland? I know there is one near the lake, and I have heard of a couple of others, any specific streets or intersections would be really helpful. Piedmont is good too. Thanks!! I want to stay local and not go all the way to Berkeley at night. Loves Halloween!

In Oakland, Trestle Glen in Crocker Highlands has tons of trick or treaters. In Alameda, Grand Avenue and Thompson Avenue (between High and Fernside) are big destinations. Mom who gives out 1000 pieces of candy every year

Where do kids in Berkeley go trick or treating?

Oct 2013

Hi Neighbors,

My husband and I are big Halloween fans and just moved to Berkeley earlier this year. We were wondering what the Trick or Treating situation is here. Do kids and their parents go from house to house or is Berkeley more of an organized Halloween parade/business trick-or-treating community? Also, when is everything happening? On Halloween or the Saturday before (26th) or after (Nov. 2)? We live just off of College Avenue between Alcatraz and Ashby. Thanks! Lauren

If you live just off College, you definitely should check out Russell Street on Halloween (always on Oct. 31). The entire street is closed between the fire station (which is just off College) and Claremont Avenue. People start showing up around 5pm and everything shuts down at 8 or 8:30. You will see families with kids of all ages, young adults showing off their clever home-made costumes, middle schoolers cruising for candy, and silly teenagers sprinkled around in clumps. Many of the houses go all out with decorations and stock up on enough candy for what must be hundreds of kids. (not all homes on Russell participate but most seem to.) Things I've seen on Russell Street in the past are a flying saucer in the front yard, a giant spider climbing up the outside of a two-story house, alien robots singing and dancing on the front porch, a circle of Hari Krishnas, a 3-person marching band. It often becomes loud and crowded, especially after the sun goes down, so keep that in mind if your kids are overwhelmed by noise. One of my kids was, so we'd just do a quick walk down the street and back - no trick or treating. Don't bring your dog - too crowded and too many small children.

I don't know as much about trick or treating in North Berkeley but I've heard friends describing certain neighborhoods that go all out too.  Ask around.

Have fun! 

Best Neighborhoods for Trick or Treating

Oct 2011

Hi BPN! Does anyone know of a good neighborhood to take my 3 year old trick or treating this year? Last year her dad took her to SF but since Halloween is on a weeknight i'd like her to stay close to home. Thanks, Lindsay

Alameda is pretty nice (we live here); I'm familiar with the East End, around High Street, but much of the town is probably nice for Halloween. Just be real careful of the traffic with your little one! Have Fun!

Trick or treat location in Moraga

October 2008

Hi everyone: I moved to Moraga recently and I was wondering if anyone knew of an area/street you would recommend for trick or treating either in Moraga or Lafayette. I'm looking for a festive location (if there is one) where people put up nice decorations and it's full of kids. Last year we went to Alameda and it was VERY impressive. Thanks. Halloween mom

If you live in Moraga, there is no reason to go elsewhere to trick or treat, unless you're hooking up with friends that live elsewhere. We live in the neighborhood off Rimer and, aside from some of the off-the-path courts, there is a stream of kids out all night. Some houses get really done up, others don't. You don't say how old your kid (s) is (are), but you should try to get together with another family or two to go out, it is really fun.

The most lively trick or treating in Moraga is on Corliss from Camino Ricardo to Moraga Road. There are tons of kids running from house to house, many fun decorations, one family even has coffee for chilled parents. There was a short 3-4 minute skit offered from someone's garage last year that you could stop in a see. Enjoy! Loves Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating in San Francisco

October 2005

Our son is all set for his first (okay, second, but he was too little last year) halloween! We're planning on going to the Boo at the Zoo on Saturday the 29th, but I would also love to take him trick or treating on halloween. I haven't been trick or treating since I was a kid, and I used to just go around the neighborhood. I haven't had many trick or treaters since I moved out on my own (maybe half a dozen in the last 15 years, seriously). Are kids just not roaming their own neighborhoods these days? Are there places in San Francisco where people take their kids trick or treating? I've heard that kids sometimes go trick or treating at the mall, but that just sounds so weird to me. ED

Next year head to Fair Oaks Street (on the border of Noe Valley/Mission). They close 6 blocks of Fair Oaks to kids on Halloween. It's between 21st -26th/Guerrero- Dolores. It's a lovely street with lots of cute houses and flats, there are tons of kids. anon

Belvedere St in Cole Valley is the place to take kids on Halloween in SF. The houses are all decorated, people are friendly -- it's a fun scene. city trick or treater

When my husband and I were pre-child we used to dress up and go to the party in the castro. Unfortunately, I don't think that would be ideal with young kids. We live in Berkeley, so I don't know if this advice will work. In the Berkeley flats, it is nice to trick or treat around your block and meet your neighbors. I often introduce us, if the people seem friendly, so as to create a slightly greater social density in the neighborhood. If you live in the Mission, or Noe Valley, or Glen Park, or the Richmond, or the Sunset, I think that would work. likes dressing up