German children's books?


does anyone know where to get a decent supply of german children's books? I read English and German books to my 4-year-old daughter, but I' m running out of ideas where to get german content (new or second hand). Is Amazon the only option, really?

Thank you in advance!


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Try Moe's Books on Telegraph, if you haven't already. They have a small selection of used foreign language children's books, primarily German, Italian, Spanish, and French.

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Have you tried the library? I've found a lot of foreign language used kids books at The Bookmark in Old Oakland, including one German board book (I was hoping to learn, ha). That would be more hit-or-miss than the library, though. 

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I just discovered them, but haven't tried them yet: Shipping is free for orders over 150 Euro.. (haven't decided on the books yet, but if you don't hit the 150, we can order together)


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I've bought German books from Book Depository ( They are a UK company with free shipping worldwide and a good selection of German kids books. Also, make sure you catch the Bay Area Kinderstube yard sale, which happens every spring in Albany ( they always have lots of used German kids books for sale.

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The East Bay German International School has a nice collection of German children's books. This year they are planning to have community days throughout the year, when you can borrow books from the library.