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German children's books? Jul 15, 2018 (5 responses below)
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  • German children's books?

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    does anyone know where to get a decent supply of german children's books? I read English and German books to my 4-year-old daughter, but I' m running out of ideas where to get german content (new or second hand). Is Amazon the only option, really?

    Thank you in advance!


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    Try Moe's Books on Telegraph, if you haven't already. They have a small selection of used foreign language children's books, primarily German, Italian, Spanish, and French.

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    Have you tried the library? I've found a lot of foreign language used kids books at The Bookmark in Old Oakland, including one German board book (I was hoping to learn, ha). That would be more hit-or-miss than the library, though. 

    RE: German children's books? ()

    I just discovered them, but haven't tried them yet: Shipping is free for orders over 150 Euro.. (haven't decided on the books yet, but if you don't hit the 150, we can order together)


  • I'm looking to find someone to spend 2-3 hours with my mom 2-3 days a week mostly just going for walks in Tilden, but also possibly going to a movie or to a concert, etc. I'm specifically looking for someone who speaks German because my mother has lost much of her English language ability.  My mother is in the early stages of Alzheimers, and while my dad does an amazing job caring for her, he could benefit from a break here and there.  My mom is still functional, but she cannot drive, and she does get confused.  

    Does anyone have any ideas on where or how I might be able to find someone like this?  I've already reached out to the Excelsior German Center in Oakland and Ashby Village.

    thanks for any advice!  

    Try calling the German Department at UC Berkeley and ask them to post it as a job opportunity. 

    Hi there, first off, thanks for taking such good care of your mom! I think you have several options. There is a GERMoms Yahoo group you could join or ask the moderator to post. In addition, there is a great German preschool called Kinderstube in Albany, which has an after-school German program attached. I'm pretty sure the directors would be happy to post on your behalf. And they do have pinboards at the preschool, where you might be able to post as well. If none of that works, feel free to have the moderator contact me as I am part of both groups and might be able to post on your behalf. There is also the Stammtisch Yahoo group in SF - East Bay residents might be members.

    Good luck (viel Glueck!)


    I would contact the German school's East Bay Campus (google it) and see if they have a way to communicate your request to their families.

    Good luck!

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A German Carnival Event In The East Bay ?

Jan 2016

A few years ago I saw an add for a German style carnival held someplace in the east bay, I think it was Berkeley or El Cerrito. They offered German food and drinks, entertainment, a parade, people dressed up in costumes. This was a family event and sounded like a lot of fun. Does anyone know if this is still being held and if yes when and where is it held? Is it worth the time to bring my family (children 10 and 13)? Glenn

You are in luck! The event is on 1/30 in Berkeley. You can find details here. It is a benefit for the German school and you should definitely go! Saturday, January 30 from 12 to 6 pm at 1581 LeRoy Avenue, Berkeley, 94708. German mom

I think you are looking for the Karneval at the German International School of Silicon Valley. It's on January 30th from noon to 6pm at the school's Hillside Campus in Berkeley. It's a great event. More info at GISSV mom

German Speaking Group for parents & infants?

March 2014

Does anyone know of a German speaking group for infants? Or are there any German speaking moms or dads out there that would be interested in meeting up a couple times a month? I was born and raised in Germany and speak only German to our almost four month old daughter. I'd love for her to grow up with other native speakers. Dankeschoen! Melanie

Definitely check out the EastBayGerMOMs yahoo group. My kids are school-aged now, but we did weekly playdates with GerMOMs when they were toddlers.

There is also a wonderful full-immersion German preschool for German-speaking kids in Albany that my kids attended: Bay Area Kinderstube ( Get on the wait list early if you are interested. Bay Area Kinderstube also runs an after-school program for German-speaking kids in grades K-12: BAKS+ ( BAKS+ was recently designated an AATG German Center of Excellence by the American Association of Teachers of German. Kids attend for 2.5 hours once a week after school, to further their German language development and learn to read and write German.

Bay Area Kinderstube also runs a German-immersion summer camp for kids aged 4-14 (scroll down the programs page: It's running July 28 to August 15 this summer, and kids can sign up for one, two, or all three weeks. There is also a German Saturday school in Oakland (German School of the East Bay) and a private German bilingual elementary school in Berkeley, a satellite campus of the German International School of Silicon Valley.

German-speaking doctor for visiting in-laws

Dec 2013

My in laws will be coming from Switzerland to stay with us for a couple of months, and we just learned my father in law has been having trouble breathing. In case he needs to see a doctor while he's here, could anyone recommend a general practice doctor who speaks German? (My father in law doesn't speak English). Close to Berkeley would be preferable, but could travel if needed for a good doctor who speaks German. Thanks! Anon

Call the German consul. They will have a list of German-speaking docs J