Fair price for nanny who brings her child?

What do you think is a fair hourly rate for an experienced nanny who brings her baby to care for your baby the same age?

($16/hour) ($18/hour) ($20/hour) (more than $20/hour)

[Moderator Note] Also see the previous advice about this, including a question from August 2017: https://www.berkeleyparentsnetwork.org/recommend/nanny-bringing-her-own-child-work

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None of these--it should be the same as the going share rate, which I think right now is $12-$13 an hour per family. It is a share (and arguably a little less desirable than a typical share, where one of the babies is not the child of the caregiver). As a parent participating in such a share, I would expect to pay the same as or a little less than a similar situation with two babies unrelated to the nanny.

This is the same arrangement as a nanny share with two children. My one year old is in a nanny share with one other child his age and each family pays $12 per hour. When we were interviewing nannies the range we were quoted was $12-$15 per hour per family. So I think even $16/hour is at the high end of the range for nanny shares. I definitely wouldn't pay more unless you absolutely must have this nanny. 

No more than half the hourly rate for a two kid nanny share. Two kids from separate mamas, one nanny.  To me that always equals nanny share, and equal sharing of the rate.  Just because the kid belongs to the nanny doesn’t mean you should have to compensate for more than half. If that is not enough for the nanny, that’s for the nanny to figure out. Maybe I am missing something, but fair is fair-in my book. Just sayin...