Experience with The Wise Mind Institute or other DBT programs?


Have any of you had experience with The Wise Mind Institute, which has offices in Berkeley and Redwood City? I am considering their DBT program for our teen, but have not seen any reviews of their program.

I'm also interested to hear about anyone's experiences with the following other DBT programs (we are already familiar with Clearwater):

  • Center for Innovative DBT
  • DBT Center of Marin
  • East Bay Behavioral Therapy Center
  • Any others?

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Thank you for posting this query. I'm sorry I cannot share any experience with any of the programs you've mentioned. I'm responding to follow the thread, as I am looking for something like this for my young adult as well. We've tried traditional therapy through independent providers and therapists at Star Vista in San Mateo with little benefit.

I wish you the best in finding support for your teen.