Experience with kaiser podiatrists?

Hi all, I had a lisfranc foot injury just over a month ago that was just now diagnosed at Kaiser.  They now are suggesting I do surgery asap.  Does anyone have any experience with foot surgeons who they could recommend at Kaiser?  I may be working with Dr. Mitzi Williams.  There is also a Dr. Dickinson.  Any stories, advice or recommendations highly appreciated.

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We didn't have Dr. Williams for surgery, but she did treat my son's ankle injury last year and she was INCREDIBLE. His ankle had been sore for months and we had no idea what was going on. Within a few minutes she had diagnosed it and gave him a shot that solved the problem literally within minutes. The diagnosis was some really specific thing that barely showed up on google, and he had the even more unusual version of it that I couldn't find online at all. and she had a permanent fix in place right away! Her bedside manner was also really great and she was REALLY thorough in her followup care to make sure the problem was totally resolved AND she responded to questions quickly. so I think she's great! 

I had LisFranc surgery in 2015 after Kaiser took a foot X-ray “at rest” and misdiagnosed.  They said no broken bones, meanwhile I walked on it for a month, losing window to heal ligaments. “No surgery” was not an option.  Dr. JD Dickinson was great and I appreciated all his attention to followup questions and followup X-rays.  I can still barely stand up on toes 8 years later and and my foot aches most nights.    But I’m 75 and maybe I just lost the muscles to run and jump.  I use CBD which helps with tightness.  8 screws still intact.  The nurses all gave him big thumbs up as well.  

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Mitzi Williams at Kaiser Oakland.  She performed a rather complicated surgery on my son's foot (result of an accident) and was expert and  a good communicator.  He healed well and retained full use of his foot.  Through the years I've come to really appreciate the orthopedic surgery team at KP Oakland, as I've had surgery for a broken wrist there myself. 

A few years back, Dr. Williams performed surgery on my teen daughter's foot and she was amazing. I was nervous about whether it was really needed and what the procedure would entail. She spoke with me at length on the phone. She did a great job on the surgery and even took the time to personally put the cast on my daughter's foot (not her responsibility). She was just so caring, patient, and skilled. I would highly recommend her.

Dr. Mitzi Williams at Kaiser Oakland/Richmond is one of the best doctors I've ever had, hands down.