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  • Meseret Zegeye - Kaiser podiatrist

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    Hello, does anyone have experience with Meseret Zegeye?  I have a corn on my foot that has been bothering me a lot and seeing a dermatologist didn't help. He said to continue corn cushions, try sal acid, etc., and if that doesn't help then go see a podiatrist who will maybe remove the corn surgically. I know, it doesn't sound like much, but I haven't been able to walk for a several weeks now, so I'm hoping Dr. Zegeye could help.  Tell me about your experience with her if you had any! 

    I really like her!  She seems to take a pretty holistic approach.  So sorry to hear about your corn- I haven't had to have her remove anything from my feet, but I'm assuming she'd be pretty good at it.

    Hi, I saw her earlier this summer due to a hiking-related foot injury. It was just one visit but she seemed very nice, listened to my concerns and needs, and then proposed a solution that worked. Good luck!

    She was great and friendly! I had previously had foot surgery with a fancy, private podiatrist in SF while on PPO insurance several years ago. I've been on KP for a while, and unfortunately developed a severe ingrown toenail (damaged it, and then it got worse due to aggressive athletic pursuits!).  She was able to numb the area, remove the toenail, and bandage it, and gave me good treatment suggestions to speed recovery.  Following her guidance swelling was down by day 4 or 5, and I was able to wear shoes and walk really comfortably by day 8 or 9, and weeping stopped at the 2 week mark.  My toe is super comfortable now and healing perfectly and I'm just disappointed I didn't get the referral sooner.  I would probably still pay to see my podiatrist in SF if I needed full-blown foot surgery with screws and 6 mo of physical therapy again - but for something minor like a corn, ingrown toenail, etc. I think Dr. Zegeye is more than qualified to help.

  • Kaiser Podiatrist Rec. Needed

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    We had a pretty sad experience with a Kaiser Podiatrist a few years ago when we had to go in for a mysterious foot pain. We're having another bouts of mysterious and debilitating foot pain and are in need of seeing a Podiatrist. Can anyone recommend a competent Podiatrist at Kaiser Oakland? Thank you. 

    Yuko Miyazaki is amazing, she has an office at the kaiser off ashby in berkeley 

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October 2002

I have Kaiser, but I don't know any foot doctors. Does anyone know of a good Podiatrist at Kaiser? I have a friend that has little hard corns in between his little toes and they get to the point where it's hard to wear his shoes sometimes. He puts those corn softners between his toes for comfort.
Thanks. Hurt toes

I've seen Dr. Binning at Kaiser Oakland a couple of times and like him. He's very personable and, based on my somewhat limited experience, seems quite competent. It takes a while to get an appointment, though, so call soon. Elizabeth
Having just seen Dr. Binning at Kaiser this week, Iwill weigh in on this one. I saw him for a ''mystery'' pain that developed late last week and required attention after a few days. I found Dr. Binning to be very personable. He took time to listen to the information I had for him. He listed alternative potential explanations for my problem and the respective diagnostic procedures and treatments for each. He also provided suggestions for how to get through X-ray and lab procedures as expeditiously as possible to get me out of the Kaiser system quickly. I would recommend him. Last year I saw a different podiatrist at Kaiser, a young male who also was quite good and caring. My general experience with Podiatry (including clerical staff) has been good. matheny