Experience with Evolve Treatment Centers or Center for Discovery?


We are in the unfortunate situation of exploring residential treatment centers for our teenage daughter for mental health. Do any of you have any experience with or knowledge of Evolve Treatment Centers (multiple locations, including Gilroy and Southern California) or Center for Discovery (their Brentwood location is called Resilience East Bay)? Any information you have would be very much appreciated.

I have been to a Willows in the Wind meeting, which was incredibly valuable. I've also contacted an educational consultant, but am hoping to avoid paying their astronomical fees on top of everything else.

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My daughter spent a month at Center for Discovery in Whittier in 2014.  It was a terrible experience and set back her recovery. She was 14, and in 9th grade. The therapists were bad, the care was lax, and the whole thing felt like a money-making scam.

Aside from several stints in Herrick, she also spent 2 weeks at Edgewater in SF.  The place that worked for her was Willow Springs in Reno. Also key to her success was intensive therapy/classes at Clearwater Clinic in Oakland after she came home. (It was a horrible, horrible time, but she is now a successful college student at an out-of-state school.  Don't lose hope!)

I am sorry you are going through this. 

Mary is an educational consultant in Washington and I used her services (I live in East Bay) and she gave me tons of emotional support and placement guidance. I would recommend using an Ed consultant because they know the ins and outs of the treatment centers. The good thing is she charges half the price of local consultants. Mary even called me right after I dropped my kid off at the therapeutic boarding school because she sensed I was emotionally overwhelmed. She helped me find a good school for my kid. You don’t want to play roulette with this kind of decision.


I have heard that the CA law does allow to have good treatment centers so many good ones are out of state. 

Good luck on your journey! Keep breathing!