Electronic parent controls expert to hire-?-

We held out until 14 but have just given our son a phone and are somewhat dismayed at how fast going down the rabbit hole has been.  We are looking for a computer expert who intimately understand iphone and macbook parental controls and can consult with us on how to allow access to only those thing we have agreed on.  If this person doesn't exist then it seems like a really good business opportunity for someone!

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If you have Verizon, they offer "Smart Family," which was relatively uncomplicated to use.  (I am NOT tech savvy!). You do have to pay every month, but it was worth it to me.  It had the parental controls (content, time limits, schedule) and also the location tracking.  Also, I think there was a way to put in my phone #, which was always available, even during the down times that I chose, such as school time.  That way, my son could always call me if necessary.

Apple will assist you for free in setting-up parental control.  Just click on the Apple Support app on you iPhone.

I am a computer/iPhone expert if your kid has gone down the rabbit hole as you say, he and his friends will be able to circumvent all of the controls you will implement faster than you can implement them.  He is part of the Internet generation and for him to succeed in life or college he's going to have to know how to use a computer and smartphone.  As an educator you should support his going down the rabbit hole, it's the modern day version of getting lost in a library.  He has a world of information at his fingertips.