OUSD is reluctant to do IEP for 2nd grader with Dyslexia

My daughter is in 2nd grade at an OUSD school. She was just diagnosed with Dyslexia/Dysgraphia after private testing. The school is reluctant to do an IEP.

She is currently reading at grade level but has a hard time spelling and writing. We started tutoring over a year ago when she was struggling at the beginning of 1st grade. She meets with the tutor 1x a week because  of time and $$$ its been hard to do more sessions.

1. I am curious about other OUSD families dealing with Dyslexia and what type of support is possible...

2. I'm curious about tutoring and camp options. My goal is to make sure she still gets to do some of the activities and camps she enjoys in the summer so the 5 week 1/2 day camps don't really work.


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There are many Facebook groups that can be a great resource. Also understand.org...

look up decoding dyslexics ca and many other groups. 
Sorry to tell you that this will be a lifelong battle with the schools. It’s unfortunate but they don’t acknowledge dyslexia...

you have to constantly keep after them. Never give up.

bezt Tammy  

The school legally has to do an IEP when you notify them in writing - it is federal law. Scholl districts typically resist because it costs them so much money to do the testing. My daughter did the testing in Sept at BUSD after the administration resisted it. Of course the results confirmed what we thought. She has a learning deficit (difference). It was great to have a 17 page report on how her brain works! Everyone is different. Requesting the testing now is important because you'll want to insure that accommodations are in place to insure your student's success for the next 10+ years ahead of school. The school district is under no obligation to use the results of an outside/private testing service. They have to do their OWN test and follow the results of their own test by law. The student is taken out of class for the series of tests (usually over a 3+ day period). Push hard and you will get what you need for your student, as you are your student's most important ally.

My kids are older but are both dyslexic and both are/were OUSD students. Feel free to reach out via my username if you want to talk. 

i Am my nephews guardian. His parents passed away but I watched my sister have to fight the Vallejo school district to get them to acknowledge his dyslexia. They would test him but not for dyslexia so they would not have to treat him. They were not able to accommodate him and eventually the school district paid for him to go to Rascob. He stayed there for a couple years and is now in Berkeley high doing great with an IEP. That time at rascob gave him skills and confidence to return to the mainstream classes. Not being effectively assisted really hurt his self esteem and love of school. I think Rascob has a summer program and some scholarships. Maureen