Dietitian for infant with food allergies

My 11 week old son has some food allergies (triggered by my breastmilk) and we're seeking additional professional help. Any leads are welcome!

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My nine month old had a skin test at 6mo because I knew something was up, and we went to Colombia Allergy in Oakland to get it done with Dr. Kaur. Then, for reintroduction and any questions/help/support in general, Free to Feed is a private company that helps parents and nursing parents with food allergy support and I loved working with them. Make sure to get a 30 minute consult with Dr. Trill. You won't regret it. 

Wishing you all the best!

We also went through this! (Soy + dairy + rice both through milk and directly when baby started to eat - didn't outgrow until almost 3.). Are you with Kaiser? If so, Susan Goddard is very well-versed and walked through this every step with us.  Our GI was Samira Mian. We did work with a dietitian (who just moved away, sadly) but only to choose an alt milk at 1 (and we had to bring her safe options to pick from because she like all folks who don't live it just didn't understand these babies react to "natural flavors" and pea protein!) Frankly, parents who have been there have more experience since most kids outgrow by 1 when it really affects diet so the doctors are a bit lost. Even ours sent us to the official online support groups which gave us lists of all the safe products! If you PM me I am happy to add you to the groups!


First I want to say I strongly suggest you meet with an allergist. I love Dr. Jones. Here is a link to the practice-

Second, I have to ask what you mean by breast milk trigger allergies? I ask because there is a difference between food allergies and food intolerances. I found that my children had intolerance to foods that were passed from my diet through my breast milk but they were not true allergies. If it's not intolerance and it is a true allergy, then you can do skin testing and blood work to see the protein levels that your child is allergic to. Due to your child being so young that may be a real struggle.

Here is my experience, both my kids had food intolerance to lactose. Anytime I had the smallest amount of dairy that was enough lactose that went through my breast milk and caused them both significant issues. I'm talking extreme gassiness lead to full of hours of screaming and making us spend hours of "leg pumping" our baby to help her pass gas. Along with projectile vomiting/spit up constantly.

Now as a first time mother with my first child, it took us a a while to narrow down what was causing the problems. First our pediatrician said it was just normal baby stuff. After endless searching, I found how that lactose intolerance babies have the symptoms my baby was experiencing. This was when she was just a month old. I immediately changed my diet and after 2-4 weeks it cleared through my milk and my baby's symptoms disappeared. During that 2 to 4 week transition of my body cleaning out the lactose from my milk everyday got a little better. 

With my second child, her first week she had these symptoms. So I immediately knew what to do and of course changing my diet cleared all symptoms!

So if you are experiencing that it's probably a food intolerance possibly to lactose that can be handled through changing your diet. However, there are a small number of true food allergies that can be passed through breast milk to baby where you're seeing actual true allergic reactions.

I am happy to say that my oldest who is now 8 only has a mild lactose intolerance and no true food allergies. But when my youngest (who is now 3) started eating solid food at 6 months we learned she has several true food allergies, including a severe food allergy to dairy (learning that was SO scary!). Since she was 6 months old she goes in every 6-12 months for bloodwork, skin testing, monitoring and hopefully soon some oral challenges on some of her lesser food allergies.

I can not stress enough to talk to your pediatrician and an allergist. To know exactly what your baby can handle before meeting with a dietitian. Once to know that you'll have a better idea of what you can or can't include in your diet. 

Best of luck to you and your sweet baby. Feel free to message me for more information on my experiences. Congratulations!