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  • Dietitian for infant with food allergies

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    My 11 week old son has some food allergies (triggered by my breastmilk) and we're seeking additional professional help. Any leads are welcome!


    My nine month old had a skin test at 6mo because I knew something was up, and we went to Colombia Allergy in Oakland to get it done with Dr. Kaur. Then, for reintroduction and any questions/help/support in general, Free to Feed is a private company that helps parents and nursing parents with food allergy support and I loved working with them. Make sure to get a 30 minute consult with Dr. Trill. You won't regret it. 

    Wishing you all the best!

    We also went through this! (Soy + dairy + rice both through milk and directly when baby started to eat - didn't outgrow until almost 3.). Are you with Kaiser? If so, Susan Goddard is very well-versed and walked through this every step with us.  Our GI was Samira Mian. We did work with a dietitian (who just moved away, sadly) but only to choose an alt milk at 1 (and we had to bring her safe options to pick from because she like all folks who don't live it just didn't understand these babies react to "natural flavors" and pea protein!) Frankly, parents who have been there have more experience since most kids outgrow by 1 when it really affects diet so the doctors are a bit lost. Even ours sent us to the official online support groups which gave us lists of all the safe products! If you PM me I am happy to add you to the groups!


    First I want to say I strongly suggest you meet with an allergist. I love Dr. Jones. Here is a link to the practice-

    Second, I have to ask what you mean by breast milk trigger allergies? I ask because there is a difference between food allergies and food intolerances. I found that my children had intolerance to foods that were passed from my diet through my breast milk but they were not true allergies. If it's not intolerance and it is a true allergy, then you can do skin testing and blood work to see the protein levels that your child is allergic to. Due to your child being so young that may be a real struggle.

    Here is my experience, both my kids had food intolerance to lactose. Anytime I had the smallest amount of dairy that was enough lactose that went through my breast milk and caused them both significant issues. I'm talking extreme gassiness lead to full of hours of screaming and making us spend hours of "leg pumping" our baby to help her pass gas. Along with projectile vomiting/spit up constantly.

    Now as a first time mother with my first child, it took us a a while to narrow down what was causing the problems. First our pediatrician said it was just normal baby stuff. After endless searching, I found how that lactose intolerance babies have the symptoms my baby was experiencing. This was when she was just a month old. I immediately changed my diet and after 2-4 weeks it cleared through my milk and my baby's symptoms disappeared. During that 2 to 4 week transition of my body cleaning out the lactose from my milk everyday got a little better. 

    With my second child, her first week she had these symptoms. So I immediately knew what to do and of course changing my diet cleared all symptoms!

    So if you are experiencing that it's probably a food intolerance possibly to lactose that can be handled through changing your diet. However, there are a small number of true food allergies that can be passed through breast milk to baby where you're seeing actual true allergic reactions.

    I am happy to say that my oldest who is now 8 only has a mild lactose intolerance and no true food allergies. But when my youngest (who is now 3) started eating solid food at 6 months we learned she has several true food allergies, including a severe food allergy to dairy (learning that was SO scary!). Since she was 6 months old she goes in every 6-12 months for bloodwork, skin testing, monitoring and hopefully soon some oral challenges on some of her lesser food allergies.

    I can not stress enough to talk to your pediatrician and an allergist. To know exactly what your baby can handle before meeting with a dietitian. Once to know that you'll have a better idea of what you can or can't include in your diet. 

    Best of luck to you and your sweet baby. Feel free to message me for more information on my experiences. Congratulations!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Excellent pediatric dietician for toddler

Nov 2011

Seeking an excellent dietitian for my toddler daughter, who has stomach and digestive challenges including significant constipation. I'm ideally looking for someone who can go beyond general recommendations to more specific ones (e.g., if your child tolerates quinoa but not oats, should we try barley next or hold off on that?; would cod likely be more tolerable than salmon if we're trying fish?). I know that no dietician can tell me what food my child will or won't tolerate in advance with any kind of certainty, but I feel like having someone who is knowledgeable enough about the molecular and other properties of food to be able to give more guidance would be a help. -mama

I highly recommend Theresa Tsingis of Lamorinda Nutrition in Lafayette. She specializes in working with children and stomach/gut health. She has done a lot of work with food allergies and helping parents figure out what kind of foods work/don't work. It sounds like she could really be helpful to you and your child. You can contact her at 925-330-2729 or 925-283-9355. Her email is drtsingas [at] anon

Dietician for gastritis sufferer

Oct 2011

I've been suffering from gastritis for a number of months, and am on a fairly restrictive diet. I'm at the point where I'd like to find a dietician who can advise me on foods that would work on this diet that I may not be aware of, and perhaps ideas for recipes and cooking tips as well. Thanks for any help you can give! +++ soretum

Dr. Jennifer Lanett helped with my constipation issues and she is a digestive enzyme therapist so she might be able to help also with the gastritis issue you are having... I'd call and talk to her! 510-644-4414 sara

Nutrition Coach Focused on Emotional Eating

Aug 2011

Does anyone have a recommendation for a health & lifestyle coach that works with emotional eating and sugar concerns? I find that after a stressful day I eat way too much sugar and tend to go for those ''comforting'' foods. I need someone to hold me accountable in a knowledgeable and supportive way without being too rigid or strict. A good sense of humor is a must. Thank you. Looking for Comfort in All the Wrong Places

Hi highly recommend Jessica Libby... I worked with her over the phone for several sessions and found her to be extremely supportive. i kept on thinking of hte things we talked about and they really helped me make positive changes. I think she also sees people in person too... angel

Hello - Signe Darpinian, MFT is great with Emotional Eating. I have done 2 of her workshops at My Weigh in Oakland and also one of her online workshops for Intuitive Eating. I highly recommend her, very fun to work with. She certainly has the sense of humor you are looking for. You may find some helpful advice on her blog, she writes about emotional eating and I remember seeing a video of a lecture on it too. Give her a call, she is in the bay area every week. good luck emotionaleater

Two of my good friends have been very successful losing weight and they rave about Gerri Levitas, a weight loss coach and hypnotherapist who specializes in freeing women from emotional eating. Her program, Inside Out Weight Management, is designed to be the very last time you will ever have to lose weight. Gerri offers a free 30 minute ''get acquainted'' session by phone. 925-935-2502 gerri [at] Anne

I would very highly recommend Jamie at I have known Jaime since she began her practice, which includes individual consultation, group (food goddess) and special events. Even reading her newsletter and blog is very informative. Thanks to Jamie's influence, I have become smarter in what I eat, how I shop, how to eat and realize the emotional root causes behind eating. Jamie not only addresses these, but is trained in helping develop action plans that will make a life long difference. In addition, I have enjoyed her holistic approach to living, in the advice she gives on environmentally sound living, cooking and product usage. Essentially everything that is absorbed by our body (food wise and otherwise). Lastly, she has some awesome recipes which really make it innovative and fun to improve your eating habits. My current favorite is a sweet heat red pepper dip from the middle east. i can eat that all day! i also just had her braised vegetables and they are simple yet brilliant! I whole heartedly recommend Jamie. Her openness, passion and energy are truly unique - she will embrace your challenges and turn them into successes! Apeksha

MD Dietician to help lose and keep off weight May 2011

Any recommendations for a doctor to not only help me lose weight but also keep it off? I've tried lots but it keeps coming back. Yo-yo

I found Dr. Elvebakk through the parents group and want to recommend her as well. I have been to Dr. Elvebakk for 3 months and have lost 35 lbs. Some of my medical issues have improved greatly allowing me to get off two of my medications. It has been the simplest food program I have ever been on and I've been on most all of them. I like how she explains the science to me so I finally understand what food is doing to my body. I finally understand my sugar addiction and how harmful it is. I also like the fact that she is there for me now while I lose the weight. More importantly she will teach me how to keep it off and will be there for me then as well. Check out her book The Food Tree and her website She is in Oakland and SF. (510) 444-0322 Feeling so much better

Nutritionist for 18 year old

May 2011

I am looking for a nutritionist for my 18yo daughter, who would like to make sure her diet is balanced and she's getting all her dietary requirements. I couldn't find a heading for this in the archives. Does anyone have any recommendations? (We're hoping for the East Bay, but SF would be OK too.) Thanks. Mom of wannabe-healthy daughter

Judy Burgio,, is terrific. She is a nutritionist as well as a pharmacist and really tailors her extensive knowledge to each client's needs and health status. 415.383.1908. She does phone consultations (after reviewing the client's pre-session diagnostics) as well as in-person sessions in Mill Valley; both work well. Good luck! Terry

Nutritionist for vegetarian with food limitations

April 2011

Can anyone recommend a good local nutritionist and/or good book or website for planning ones own diet when there are food limitations involved? I am a vegetarian who has recently learned a couple other major food groups are causing me additional health issues. Thank you in advance! Eating like a rabbit

I recommend Nori Hudson 510-847-3197. She is very knowledgeable and creative! anon

I recommend that you contact Donna Morton, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and instructor for Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. She specializes in healthy vegetarian and allergy-free diets as well as nutrition strategies for optimizing energy, mood and general health. Donna is also a physical therapist and yoga instructor who can integrate movement, stress reduction, Tibetan yoga, and Jin Shin Jyutsu with whole-foods nutrition if appropriate to address your specific needs and problems. I just attended one of her seminars on nutrition last weekend and was very impressed by her knowledge and approach as well as the delicious vegetarian food and recipes she used to illustrate her concepts. You can reach her at donnalmorton [at] or 510.290.9941. linnea

Nutritionist/Dietician for toddler

April 2011

I have a 15-month-old toddler with an extremely sensitive stomach and many dietary restrictions as a result. She is seeing a pediatric gastroenterologist, but I'm still in search of someone who could really help us strategize about how to prepare foods that won't cause her tummy trouble but will offer her good nutrition.

I saw one nutritionist about 6 months ago, but the advice I got there was so general that it really wasn't helpful at all -- and it seemed like that nutritionist, although a pediatric nutritionist, wasn't used to addressing the needs of children this young. Does anyone have a nutritionist to recommend who is experienced with young children and can give advice about meal planning beyond ''try carrots'' or ''avoid the foods that seem to upset her stomach.'' I'm looking for recipes that are tasty but still within the allowable food range, strategies to keep a child on a restricted diet from meal boredom, strategic meal planning so I'm not trying to cook a meal from scratch three times a day, etc. -dreading the kitchen at mealtimes

I recommend Virginia Watkins She is a mom herself and gets how hard it can be to feed a toddler, especially with food restrictions. She is also a French trained chef and *loves* food and helping people make food tasty. She can definitely help you come up with recipes that everyone could enjoy. geraldine

Hi I highly recommend Nori Hudson, 847-3197. Nori is one of the most knowledgable nutritional educators I've met. She's helped my whole family (kids and all) over the years. Good luck, June

Need a nutritionist for my anemia

March 2011

I recently had some blood work done and found out that I have very severe anemia. It's so bad I was told not to go to altitude or fly. Yikes. But all I was told was to eat more iron-rich foods and take iron pills. I don't feel like this was enough guidance and would like to meet with a nutritionist (I guess that's who I should be looking for but other suggestions welcome) to talk about what I should actually be eating and give me easy recipes that my kids will also eat. Maybe someone to develop a 2-week rotation of easy recipes I can make. I would also like to lose some weight but at this point, that is secondary to getting my anemia under control. Anon

My doctor referred me to Joyce Selkow MS, RD (510-339-1862) for a variety of reasons. I found her to be knowledgeable about diet and supplements, supportive, non-judgmental and very helpful. She was also covered by my HMO, Alta Bates Medical Group. Hope that helps. Helpful

2010 - 2009 Reviews

Nutritionist or Dietician for managing gallstone

April 2010

Hello! I've been diagnosed with gallstones, and am working on managing the condition with a low/non-fat diet until I have surgery in the next couple of months. I'm also probably going to maintain a lowfat diet afterwards. I'm looking for a dietician or nutritionist who'd help me work out an appropriate diet for this scenario. While I respect the fact that there are folks who encourage ''alternative'' treatments, I'm not interested in pursuing these, and really just want to focus on diet. Any help's appreciated. Thanks! == East Bay Guy

I've been seeing Joyce Selkow,a registered dietician,(510) 339-1862 who is quite personable, and has a reasonable approach to managing one's diet and nutrition. She's quite helpful in coming up with one's own plan, and with providing information. If you have health net, you can get a referral from your primary, and it should be covered. anon

Look at the ''find a dietitian'' section at Many RDs are working for hospitals, but there are some that work independently. Registered Dietitian

Part Nutritionist, Part Trainer?

March 2010

HI, Struggling with weight, excercise and aging. Anyone out there willing to meet with me once a week to get me on the right track with some guidance? I am looking for someone who has experience with exercise and diet in a supportive nature. I live in Central Berkeley.

Hi. There is a woman who I have taken exercise classes with who does personal nutrition and exercise consultation. I don't think she is too expensive either. Her name is Catherine Martikan. Her number is (510) 524-6337 Good luck. betty

Feb 2010

Re: Nutritionist, Internist, or naturopath for digestion issues?
Your symptoms might improve if you read the book and follow the advice within it Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. The main advice is to go back to time honored methods of and preparing foods that are shared in common by cultures around the world--in addition to complex carbohydrates and whole grains, it recommends fermented foods and beverages (kimchi,naturally fermented beverages like kombocha--on the counter at home, and nourishing broths made from bones) as well as techniques (soak grains and allow them to 'ferment' over night before use and soak raw nuts before roasting) that improve our ability to digest and access nutritional content. Because your post mentioned digestion, I thought of this book. I don't follow every piece of advice or cook that much from the recipes, but I do try to let grains sit in water before I use them (quinoa tastes much better after a lengthy soak)and try to start batters the night before. Ditto for nuts and occasional fementation experiments. Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley can allow you to sample these foods w/o trying out the techniques at home, but they are fun to do. Jessica

I was in a similar boat...started having reactions to foods, even though I''ve always eaten pretty healthy. I went to see Anasuya Batliner, a nutritionist in Bkly. She really turned my life/health around. I took a class w/ her last spring called ''Spring Detox''. It was a month long and REALLY REALLY helped me a lot. I also had some private sessions with her and she had me do some lab work...not the kind that they'll do at Kaiser or other HMO's. Today I am 10#'s lighter, have lots of energy and no longer crave carbs like I used to. I am also gluten free (have been for years), dairy free and mostly sugar free. Anasuya's number is 848-8439. Good luck. june

Nutritionist or Dietitian for Food Allergies

Nov 2009

I am worried about my 11 month daughter, as she has many food allergies and sensitives and I'm not sure even what to do at this point, including what to feed her that will both provide her the appropriate nutrition and not make her sick. I'm looking for dietion or nutritionist with related experience to help me come up with a plan for what to feed my baby. I'd prefer to work with someone who supports the Weston Price, & Nourishing Traditions way of eating, as this has been the most helpful for us thus far.

Hi there My son was suspected of having food allergies and we were refered to Nori Hudson in Berkeley. She is very thorough,paitient, fully embraces Weston Price (you mentioned that is what you wanted), and really really knows her stuff! She suspected my son had food allergies when he wasn't gaining weight-and she was right! I highly recommend her. She doesn't take insurance, but she is well worth the cost. You can find out more information here: Pooja


Diabetes and Weight Loss - Help!

June 2009

I was just diagnosed with adult onset diabetes and I'm 80 pounds overweight. I'm desperate about controlling the disease and losing the weight but don't know how to get started. Can anyone recommend a good diabetes specialist or endocrinologist? I'm also very open to alternative medicine as well. Thank you for your help and advice. Frightened Mom of a beautiful 4 year old girl.

I posted a few posts up....Diet change and monitoring will help you a lot. I can highly recommend Anasuya Batliner. SHe's got years of experience in nutritional counselling (anasuya [at] I know several pre diabetics who controll their blood sugar thru proper nutrition and never get fact, get better. Good luck, anon

I was in your situation after my first baby. And the good news is that you can absolutely do it. I got help from Dr. Ranveig Elvebakk 510-444-0322. She has offices in San Francisco and Oakland. She will put you on a food and exercise program that is about redefining your relationship with food and redefining what feeds your body. She can be tough but she knows her stuff and will be there to get you to your goal. Check out her book ''The Food Tree'' on Amazon. I see her every 2 weeks. And if you fall off the diet and miss a few appointments please don't wait too long before going back. Her rates are reasonable and she wants you to succeed. She is not an endocrinologist but is board certified is bariatric medicine. I wish you the best with whatever choices you make. Formerly 222, now 142. Lori

Run, don't walk to Sara Gottfried, M.D. I saw her in April 2008 and found out that I had a very high insulin level which is the first step on the road to Diabetes. Under Sara's care I lost 35 pounds and feel so much better. Check out her website: Lisa

I was in the same position as you a year and a half ago. Don't be frightened, just act on your determination. I'm now 45 pounds lighter, have much more energy, and my blood sugar is under good control mostly from weight loss, increased exercise, and changes in my diet. I recommend the Diabetes Center at John Muir Hospital if your doctor will refer and your insurance will cover. It's a multi-part program, but I found it worth the time since they ease you into lifestyle changes and combine personal sessions with informative classes. After the initial program, they can do ongoing monitoring along with your primary care doc. I wish I'd taken my partner to the classes with me. I also found helpful information on diabetes, diet, and exercise on and You didn't ask for advice, but let me just say that the keys that my primary care doctor gave me the day of my diagnosis have held up -- portion control (I was way off!), exercise, double the amount of non-starchy vegies I eat, stick with ''smart carbs,'' (whole grains/low glycemic index). I have some favorite books on diet and recipes. I don't eat meat, but I think omnivores can find good ideas for filling, whole food dishes in: The Vegetarian Family Cookbook by Nava Atlas, The New Glucose Revolution Low GI Vegetarian Cookbook, and Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes. Good luck. Be well.

Looking for a nutritionist for my child

March 2009

My daughter has food allergies and sensitivities. Her allergist recommended that I find a good nutritionist but she didn't have the name of one. Does anyone have a tip? My daughter is 10 and is on a very limited diet. We work with a Chinese herbalist and chiropractor to keep her healthy, but a nutritionist would be great as we start a new round of elimination diets. If the nutritionist knows about metabolic disorders that would be icing on the cake. -joani

I don't have a specific recommendation, but I would want to see someone who has a lot of experience working with children. So I would check out the Nutrition services at Children's Hospital health professional

Need a Nutritionist or Reg Dietician

Dec 2008

I am so tired of struggling with my weight I can barely stand it. If it wasn't for being on national TV I'd go on the biggest loser! can anyone recommend a good, inspiring yet sensitive nutritionist in the berkeley area? all existing posts are a bit old. And yes, I've tried Weight Watchers but it doesn't seem to work for me for more than a few months...that's why I'm going this route. thanks! anon

Look up, for referrals for local dietitians, then call them and see how you like the sound of them over the phone. I know Laura Brainin-Rodriguez and Judith Levine, both excellent dietitians, but very different personalities. R.D.

Nutritionist to speak to my mom's group

Sept 2008

Hi - I'm looking for a nutritionist to speak to my mom's group. Any suggestions on how to locate one? As a group we tend towards and organic whole food approach. Thanks for your help.

Hi, I'd recommend Meredith McCarty, her website is She's a gourmet vegetarian chef and cookbook author and has a wealth of knowledge about healthy eating. It would be fun for your group to take a cooking class from her. Anon

In Regards to finding a holistic nutritionist to speak to your mom's group- try the Psychology Today website at or The National Association of Nutrition Professionals at and click on directory to search practitioners in your area.

Try Anasuya Batliner ( who is a fabulous nutritionist! Also try Elizabeth Korza who is a naturopath and - naturally - very knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition: she has offices in Berkeley as well as in San Francisco. Please see her website for contact info: rosie

Seeking a Registered Dietician

Feb 2008

I'm looking for a REGISTERED/CERTIFIED Dietician in the East Bay. Thanks

Check out Then click on ''find a nutrition professional.'' You can call different dietitians, and get a feel for them over the phone. Judith Levine is on that list, and has a wealth of nutrition counseling experience. R.D.

Nutritionist for Elimination Diet?

Feb 2008

I'm looking for a nutritionist, reasonably priced, who can support me through an elimination diet. (Before I commit to a lifetime of the gluten-free diet I've been on for 2 years, I want to be certain that I've properly identified the problem.) Anyone have any recommendations for a nutritionist (or other person) in Berkeley who has a decent amount of experience with elimination diets? Rahel

I highly recommend nutritionist Nori Hudson. She has helped me enormously in adjusting to a gluten-free diet (it was she who helped me discover that I needed to remove wheat and gluten from my diet). She's careful, thorough, extremely helpful, and she really listens. Lots of experience with elimination diets, too. Contact her at nmhudson [at] Judy in Berkeley

I would recommend Jamie Dougherty, Health & Lifestyle Counselor. Jamie is fantastic! She uses a holistic approach and works closely with her clients to create the life & eating habits that they desire. She has a lot of experience with elimination diets. Check out her website at or call her at (510) 393-0437. Best of luck to you!

Book about family nutrition?

Jan 2008

Can anyone recommend a book on nutrition for the whole family? Having a one-year old has motivated me to learn more about this topic. There are just so many titles out there, and the research and trends change so frequently, I don't know what's worthwhile. Thanks for any ideas you can share. Laura

Please look at Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. it advocates a nutrient-dense diet based on the common principles of the diets of traditional peoples around the world, and eschews processed and 'industrial' foods. The subtitle of the book is ''the cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and the diet dictocrats''. There is another very good book that is not a cookbook per se but that discusses in depth the principles of nutrient-dense diets, called 'Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine'. Nourishing Traditions also has some excellent information in addition to recipes. This is a diet based on time-honored traditions rather than a 'fad' diet. Best of all our two-year old is thriving on it! Jeff

Please please read Michael Pollen's new book called In Defense of Food! It is short, very readable, and incredibly informative. Pollen is a food journalist who has made a distinguished career researching food production, nutrition, their connections, and the industry. This book was written in response to his popular book called Omnivore's Dilemma because everyone kept asking him, well, what should we eat? He gives some guidelines that are practical, rational and possible to follow. I was so excited when I read this book two weeks ago that I have purchased several copies to circulate among family and friends. I want everyone I love to have this knowledge in hand. Pollen is a professor at Berkeley, just to add a local flavor. If you are looking for a follow up to his book, buy Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. I have been researching nutrition as a hobby for 15 years, and have a public health degree, but feel like these are two of the only books that have given me real, r! eliable and sustainable information. There are a few more out there, but if you start with these two you will come across the others. Good Luck Healthy mom with healthy family

An invaluable book for nutrition for the whole family is ''Nourishing Traditions'' by Sally Fallon. My kids' pediatrician recommended it a few years ago, and it has transformed our family's health. lynn

I just finished Michael Pollan's ''In Defense of Food''--I can't recommend it highly enough. (I've bought 10 copies post-Christmas and given them away...). It's truly life changing. The premise is that we should eat only real food, not engineered food-like substances that abound in the grocery store. Lots more plants, lots more food our great-grandmothers would have recognized as such. (Hilarious section of him imagining a discussion of Gogurts with his grandmother--which apparently contain everything EXCEPT yogurt...) It's highly readable, funny, and wise, and contains the latest thinking about nutritional trends. LOVED IT and our whole family has started eating differently as a result. Nice thing, I feel like I never need to pay attention or follow ''nutrition'' trends ever again! Nancy

So, the classic tome is ''Nutrition and Physical Degeneration'' by Weston A. Price, DDS. This is very dry, clinical, and written in that cumbersome 1940's style that is hard to read. But the photos of the very well-nourished traditional people vs. people of the same tribe who ate Western refined/processed foods speak a million words, and it's worth it to get the book just for those alone. A much more readable and modern exploration of these similar themes is ''Real Food'' by Nina Planck; I think she is working on or maybe already published a cookbook as well. She references Dr. Price's work and explands upon it with the latest research and a snappy fun-to-read writing style. I also like ''Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine'' by Ronald Schmidt, ND, and I believe the Nourishing Our Children campaign is coming out with a cookbook soon (at least, I submitted a recipe for it about a year ago, so it seems like publication should be imminent). Both are based on Dr. Pri! ce's work as well; you can read about the basic ideas of the latter on Good luck, and be well! --WAP mama

I really like The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood by William Sears. It's a friendly, anecdotal read. I also like Marion Nestle's book What to Eat. She's matter of fact in her advice, has a sense of humor, and focuses on food safety and the motivations of the food industry. Her book is pretty weighty - I use it as a reference book and haven't read it cover to cover.

Nutrition newsletter for parents & kids?

Jan 2008

Can anyone recommend a nutrition newsletter written for parents of toddlers and children? I have several books on nutrition for toddlers but would really like a monthly newsletter with updates on nutrition, recipes, new info on supplements, product reviews, etc. I get Nutrition Action Newsletter and would love to find something similar to it that is specific to nutrition for children. Thanks for your help!

Check out! I received this newsletter for years, and passed it on to others... wonderful information formatted for a quick and useful read. Happy to help

I like this free newsletter: Ellyn Satter has posted a current Family Meals Focus newsletter on her website. You can view this newsletter on-line at pediatric professional

Dietitian and/or nutrition counselor for family

Oct 2007

I am looking for a dietitian and/or nutrition counselor who can help my family with some lifestyle changes in the way we eat. We're all within normal weight ranges, but my husband has high cholesterol and I would love for all of us just to eat better. We eat some meat and have no interest in becoming vegetarians, following some fad diet, or completely giving up everything we love (like ice cream). I am a biologist by training so I want someone who really understands the science. Time to get healthy

An place to look for a dietitian, is on the American Dietetic Association website, There is a listing of local professionals who provide private counseling. R.D.

I hope others will recommend nutritionists to help you. I wanted to recommend a book that might appeal to the scientist in you, if you're interested in doing some reading on the topic: What To Eat by nutritionist Marion Nestle is not only fun reading, but is extensively footnoted and she's good about giving the science behind her claims. It's a no-nonsense general guide to nutrition and great eating. It's long, but up to date, comprehensive, readable, and well worth it! - Charis

I know just the person! Jamie Dougherty is a health and lifestyle counselor who works with people who want to improve their eating habits, experience more energy and vitality, and learn to choose and prepare foods that are right for you and your family. Jamie is an Integrative Nutritionist meaning she combines knowledge from a number of different dietary perspectives. She can help you with goal setting, food counseling, menu planning, and greater awareness of eating healthfully for optimum wellness. She knows her stuff and is really passionate about what she does! Jamie can be reached at (510) 393-0437 or you can check out her website: Kamila

Nutritionist for eating disorder

July 2007

Hi, can anyone reccomend a bay area nutritionist who works in the field of eating disorders? Someone registered or certifed who knows something about it. If you know anyone like this please let me know. I really appreciate it! Thanks!

I'm working with Michele Vivas in Rockridge (595-9474). I appreciate her straightforward approach, and she has lots of experience and knowledge around eating disorders. Grateful I Found Her

Nutritionist for weight loss

July 2007

I am looking for a local nutritionist who could help me reduce my body fat ##s. Im healthy and exercise regularly but would like to lose a chunk of body fat and not sure how to approach it. Thanks! LW

I highly recommend my nutritionist Manuel Villacorta in San Francisco. He is located on Market across the street from the Four Seasons Hotel. He is extremely knowledgeable and his program is realistic and very practical. I like his approach to emphasize that the program is not a diet but lifestyle management. He is such a nice guy and I've been personally motivated in my goals from working with him. Importantly, I've seen good results. You can check his website at Judy

Courtney Zaleski works on both nutrition and exercise in a holistic manner altho i'm sure she could deal with nutrition only if that is your preference. Most American nutritionists are trained for traditional diets with white sugar and flour but Courtney is more into whole grains and limiting simple carbs (white flour and sugar). It's a much healthier approach. She's lovely, flexible, and very creative about different approaches when i've gotten stuck or slid backwards. Her email is: courtney [at] good luck!!!!

Talk to Lisa Wetmore at 510-548-8044. (Her office is at 1962 University Avenue in Berkeley.) She has really useful advice & a good understanding of the difficulties people face when trying to make dietary changes. Sympathetic & practical.

Hi, I'd like to recommend Katy Joy. She is a nutritionist and marriage and family therapist. Katy is warm, easy to talk to and has lots of knowledge and skill. Her number is 524 9630. Kjoy1 [at] Sydney

Nutritionist to help family eat healthier

Feb 2007

Looking for a nutritionist to work with me and my family (age range 13 - 60). We need to change our eating habits, rid the house of ''unacceptable'' foods, learn some new ways. Would like a house-call and perhaps on-going consultations. Preferably Marin County (we live in Fairfax) but any recommendations appreciated. Thanks

I highly recommend Jane Fowler. She is absolutely non-judgemental and very experienced. She has taught at Acalanes Adult School for many years, but also does workshops and consults privately. I used to work with her and she is a wonderful person. She lives in Walnut Creek and I think you can find her number in the phone book. Good luck! Rachel

Basic book or class on nutrition

Feb 2007

Hi - I need a good basic book about nutrition. I'm also willing to take a class. I'm particularly concerned about feeding my toddler (already have the superfoods book). Something that will help me make good choices for our family. I'd like to better understand what happens in the cooking process (e.g. is steaming better than boiling and why? What happens during freezing and how does that affect nutrition value, how long does food last in the frig - when does it lose it's ''power'' - for example, if you buy organic broccoli, when is it less nutricious, etc.) I read labels, but there's a whole lot of stuff that I have no idea what it means. Thanks for your recommendations! Food Weary

Michael Pollan wrote a relevant and interesting article for the New York Times magazine a couple Sundays ago regarding nutrition information and the western diet. The title is ''Unhappy Meals''. It's a good read and offers a helpful perspective on how we think of food and nutrition in our culture. Jen

I highly recommend ''Child of Mine'' by Ellyn Satter, RD. It was recommended to me by a nutritionist and has been an invaluable resource for me from nursing my baby to now feeding a toddler. It's just very reasonable and won't make you feel neurotic about you are (or aren't) feeding your family - helps guide sensible choices. Another really good one is the American Dietetic Association's Complete Food & Nutrition Guide. anon

I've taken a workshop with Julie Matthews and found her extremely knowledgeable and creative. She leads classes like: Cooking for Baby, Recipe for a Healthy Family and more. You can check out her website for classes, ideas, etc. at Kim

I have two suggestions that really impacted how I feed my children and changed my own relationship to food:

1) the book Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon - it is a great learning tool and cookbook, you can read it in small doses and the organization really works for me.

2) Listen toThe Balancing Point, hosted by John Nieters, Licensed Acupuncturist on KEST 1450 AM Thursdays 8-9am. It is a health radio talk show and he covers nutrition and supplements in depth in response to caller's questions. Each show is like a class in nutrtition. He has taught Eastern and Western Nutrition at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences for many years and he has a clinical practice Alameda, Ca. Jen

I have found through experience that the best experts on nutrition are registered dieticians. I suggest Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family (has lots of easy recipes for families) and Child of Mine by Ellyn Satter, MS, RD, CICSW, BCD. She's got more credentials on children's nutrition than you can imagine--even children with special needs. Her books are easy to read and make sense. You can order her books at B (I think they even had Child of Mine in stock when I got it) or you can order online. I have a 5 month old and a 2 yr old and I swear by her books! I buy these books for anyone that is having a baby! You can check out her website at where there is a description about her books. Stephanie

I just wanted to tell everyone about this book. I came across this book not long ago, and it has been a blessing in the sky. I have been calling my girlfriends every other day, my parents every day always about the same thing: What are you cooking today? And finally, I do not have to do that anymore. This book tells me what to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for three weeks in a row. No-brainer, literally. I love it. One less thing to think about. As a book lover, I give this book an A+. I found it at

2006 - 2005 Reviews

Classes on nutrition

Nov 2006

I'm looking for an introductory course on holistic nutrition - something that meets locally for a few hours a week. Ideally, it would start in January and run for a semester or so. Thanks! Anna

You should try Elephant Pharmacy. They have classes taught by local nutritionists on a monthly basis. One of the really great nutrition instructors, Ed Bauman, gives talks every other month in the Berkeley store. He's the founder of the holistic nutrition college, His talks are always on a Saturday from 10:00am-12:30pm Bonnie

Nutritionist for colon surgery recovery

June 2006

I am seeking recommendations for a nutritionist to work with me on cultivating health-oriented eating habits. I have just finished 6 months of chemotherapy for colon cancer, and need to eat a colon-friendly diet to reduce the chances of a recurrence of my cancer. I also have weight to lose, which would further help reduce my chances of a cancer recurrence. Can anyone please recommend a nutritionist used to working with middle-aged women with health issues? I am looking for strong dietary advice with a sensitivity to my eating preferences and family circumstances, plus monitoring. I am looking for someone with a practical sensibility. I would prefer a woman and someone located in or close to Berkeley. Anonymous

Nori Hudson is your gal. She's an excellent nutritional educator, consultant, teacher. Her e-mail is nmhudson [at] Nori has helped me and my family so much over the years. She REALLY knows the body, food, supplements, how it all works together. She amazes me. Good luck to you. In good health. June

You can search for local dietitians at the website of the American Dietetic Association: Click on ''find a nutrition professional'' and you can search by location, as well as by specialty (ie oncology, digestive disorders, weight loss). another RD

I do not know of a nutritionist, but I do know of a well written, thorough book on nutrition and using nutrition for healing, called Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford. This man's life work, of studying Eastern medicine, modern nutrition, etc. is in this book and it has sections that will adress your issue. I do not want to say this will take the place of a nutritionist, but this guy knows his stuff, this book is the real deal, and I hope you can find it. It was just republished recently, so I figure you will be able to Good Luck

I heartily recommend Michelle Nemer. She offers comprehensive dietary and lifestyle recommendations and provides weekly follow up for clients. She has extensive history with colon cancer and other cancers - and clients who have used all manner of medical interventions.

She has more than 20 years experience with macrobiotics and traditional Asian medicine and will undoubtedly recommend a principally plant based way of eating and specific foods to balance and strengthen major organ systems, immunity and blood quality. She also teaches workshops and cooking classes. Check her website: for more information. email her (mnemer [at] She is in El Cerrito.

Michelle also works with a variety of health concerns: from the more serious chronic degenerative illnesses to general health promotion and maintenance, children's health issues from fussy eating to ADHD, asthma, allergies etc. She provides pregnancy, labor and post partum support and has assisted numerous hospital and home births.

And she also has an extensive referral network to connect clients to other helpful practitioners from naturopathic MD's to acupuncturists, midwives, doulas, chiropractors, feng shui consultants, cooks, cooking instructors some of whom she trained personally, and other bodyworkers etc.

More info than you wanted, perhaps. But as a two-time cancer survivor myself, this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I wish you the best of health! Lisa

Nutritionist to help lower cholesterol

May 2006

My husband has slightly high cholesterol and very high triglycerides and would like to try and reduce it through diet rather than taking the drugs. He has since started swimming two- three times a week, but has seen no change in his chol. levels. He worries that most lowering cholesterol diets seemed to be aimed at weight loss, but he is not overweight. He'd like to get a meal plan and guidelines to help him lower his levels without ''withering away to nothing.'' Either a nutritionist or a good website would help us at this point. too high but too skinny

Jessie Harsham , MPH, RD, is a registered dietitian and is in the Alta Bates Summit Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. She is very knowledgdable about diet and cholesterol and vey encouraging with practical strategies for improving diet and excercise. I saw her twice a few years back and am not sure if she is still there. I saw her at 3030 Telegraph Avenue (across side street form Whole Foods). Her phone number: (510) 204- 1928. I do not know what health insurance she takes. Anon

I can highly recommend Nori Hudson as an extremeley knowledgable nutritional consultant/educator. Her number in Berkeley is 847-3197. What I know about cholesterol is that exercise is the best way to raise HDL, and Omega 3 fatty acides lowers LDL. It's a start. Good luck, June

You can find a local Nutritionist (Registered Dietitian) at, look under ''finding a nutrition professional.'' A good website to start with is, under ''healthy lifestyle.'' This has info on getting adequate calories, so your husband won't thin down too much. another RD

Sept 2005

Re: Alternative Dr. for recurring Cellulitus infection
Please call Nori Hudson, 847-3197. Nori is a nutritional educator, consultant. She knows more about nutrition than anyone I''ve ever met (and remembers it all). SHe recently helped me with a liver congestion problem(pain in my side under my ribs) I was having. It involved my thyroid and adrenal glands. By changing my diet, drinking a few different herbal teas I am now feeling 1000 times better. My MD was ready to schedule me for gallbladder surgery. Nori is a gem. I've seen her a few times over the past few years and every time she is right on. June

May 2005

Re: Alternative practitioner for prescription medication side effects Nori Hudson is a nutritional educator. She is SOOO knowledgable it blows my mind sometimes how much info she holds in her brain and can tell you about at any moment. She's really an inspiration and has helped me and my family tremendously with various health issues. Her number is 847-3197. She teaches a nutrition certification program at the Bauman College of Nutrition. Good luck, June

Nutritionist for healing after surgery

Jan 2005

I'm looking for recommendations for a nutritionist/dietician type of person who is knowledgeable about the connection between food and mood, and kinds of food and diet which promote healing. I think if I have an actual person to coach me and prod me and give me a specific plan I will be more likely to make permanent changes in my eating habits, rather than getting caught up reading books and not actually changing anything. I will have spinal surgery this year and want to help my body be in as good condition as possible to withstand this and promote (bone) healing, considering I'm quite a bit older than the first time I had this procedure done. If anyone reading this can suggest other things they've done to help them heal, and to cope with altered body mobility, I'd love to hear them.

I can highly recommend Nori Hudson. She is a certified nutrition consultant. I have been taking classes from her at Bauman College and reaped many benefits from her vast knowledge of food and nutrition. She will work with you and help guide you to your goals in an open and gentle manner. Nori can be reached at 510-847-3197 or by email at nmhudson [at]

Nutritionist for post-pregnancy weight

Jan 2005

Does anyone have recommendations for a registered dietician, preferably one who has worked with breastfeeding moms post-partum? I am only 5'2'' and need to lose at least 50 pounds. Two back-to-back pregnancies have taken their toll. I realize it will take a while, but I would like to do it right, especially because I'm breastfeeding. Thanks for your recommendations! anon

Nori Hudson is a ''Nutritional Educator and Consultant''. She knows more about nutrition than anyone I''ve ever spoken to. She helped me a few years ago when I turned 50 and felt generally crappy and overweight. She sent me a bunch of papers about my medical history and every possible symptom to fill out before meeting with her. Then I met with her two or three times for about 1 1/2 hours each. She suggested some lab tests I should get, got me started on a really good cleansing diet (I needed yeast free, at that time) and gave me some really good supplements. I felt better within days.

At that point she referred me on to someone else who she felt could help me more with specific issues I had, but I check in with her now and then and she is always happy to steer me in the right direction. She is in Berkeley, 847-3197. She also teaches a nutritional certification program at a nearby institute (can't remember the name). Good luck. Please call her, she's really so great. June

I know that your post requested info about a nutritionist, but I would also like to recommend Weight Watchers as a sensible way to lose baby weight. I lost 35 pounds while breastfeeding my son, was hardly ever hungry, and have been very pleased with the program. WW provides a lot of information about healthy eating habits, exercise and weight issues in general. Also, as a new mom, I really enjoyed the social aspects of the meetings, which are very good in this area. Good luck! anon

2004 & Earlier

Dietician specializing in food allergies

Nov 2004

My 11 month old son is now nursing only 4 times a day and is allergic to milk products and soy, possibly eggs, too. I'm afraid he's getting more carbs than anything else...mostly pureed organic babyfood since we're having trouble getting him to eat ''real'' food, except for slices of whole wheat bread and Cheerios. I'd like to talk with someone who can recommend a diet that will provide enough protein and calcium. He's an unusually large child for his age, weighing in a 23+ pounds and 33 inches I guess I'd also like to know how many calories he needs along with the protein/carb/fat component breakdown. His weight gain has really slowed since he went from 6 to 4 feedings per day (within the past month) Are there pediatric dieticians?

Children's Hospital in Oakland has pediatric dietitians who specialize in different areas of care. another RD

Nutritionist for depression

Oct 2004

Do you know of a nutritionist or healer treating depression and anxiety with nutrition and supplements? (preferably affordable, preferably but not necessarily a certified clinical nutritionist). Any leads that seem close, would be very appreciated. This is urgent. thanks. mom needing natural help

Chi Nei Tsang can be very helpful in addressing dietary issues related to depression or any undigested emotions. It's a taoist practice using internal organ massage, diet, exercise, and meditation to facilitate a healthy digestive system - both physically and emotionally. The wholistic and practical nature of this tradition is an incredible resource to me in my life and in my work with clients. You are welcome to contact me if you have questions or call the Chi Nei Tsang Inst. in Berkeley for a list of practitioners. Good luck! Shawnee

I recommend Emily Bender 415-453-8160. She is excellent and a dedicated problem solver, very committed to using food and supplements, well trained. ilanala

You may be interested in utilizing the services of a naturopathic doctor, who is trained in western medical science but uses nutrition and other natural healing therapies. I know that I have had good success treating depression and anxiety using therapeutic nutrients to help rebalance the brain chemistry. I also may utilize laboratory testing to help determine these imbalances. Feel free to call my office (925- 602-0582)to find out more or to get a referral for another ND that might fit your needs. Tara

Pediatric Nutritionist

Sept 2004

I've searched the archives to no avail: desperately seeking a nutritionist for our son, preferably East Bay. Thanks for any advise.

We saw Gail Seche at Children's Hospital Oakland for several years. She was quite calm (good listener) and had good practical advice. The practice there (part of the GI clinic) leans towards mainstream food products but adapted their database for our Whole Foods/Trader Joe's diet (we were tracking and trying to increase caloric intake for our son). Good luck. anon

Nori Hudson is the person to help you. She is a nutritional educator, consultant, etc. She REALLY knows her amazes me to listen to her. She teaches about children's nutrition in schools and in private consultations. She will do a complete history of your child before your initial visit. And she knows great ways to sneak healthy food into unwilling children. She works with children and adults (and is a parent herself). Her number is 847-3197. Good luck june

Nutritionist for family menus

October 2003

Does anyone know of a good nutritionist (or chef or dietician or...) who can take a list of foods my family likes and create a list of healthy vegetarian menus, with relatively easy/quick recipes? We've lost all imagination, and I for one am rapidly gaining weight on the stuck-in-a-rut carb-and-cheese-rich quick foods we're eating. I've avoided going to nutritionists or the like before, because although we're not really picky as a group, we do have taste/texture preferences that are important to us actually eating what someone recommends. If you have recommendations, please email me directly or respond to the list. Thanks! trying to improve

Oh my God! I could have written your post. Please pass on to me any recommendations you get. I'd like to add that I've recently become concerned about our protein intake as whenever I conciously make the effort (adding a protein shake, etc.) my active 12-year-old daughter says she really feels she has more energy. We need help.. Marcia

I teach nutrition at a vocational school here in Berkeley. One of my former students is an amazingly creative person when it comes to recipe modification, adaptation to different taste buds, and accomodating food preferences. Here is information about her: Bari Mandelbaum, Certified Nutrition Consultant (510) 681-1065 foodfairie at hotmail dot com

Another of my former students, also a nutritionist, has worked for Wind Chime of Marin (a seniors home) and has a great imagination and flair for preparing and presenting tasty, healthy, and personalized menus. Her name is Leigh Trombley and she can be reached at (415) 721-0839 or Ppepperlane at aol dot com. Nori Hudson

Re: Weight loss resources: (June 2003)

I have never tried e-diets, so I can't speak to that, but I do know a great nutritionist. Her name is Michele Vivas, and her office is on College Ave. in Rockridge (she recently moved there from Telegraph.) I actually found her in the recommendation archives. I saw her on an ongoing basis, and found her to be down-to-earth, funny, and extremely helpful. She is a Clinical Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist, so she understands the science of the body very well, and as far as I know she does not do anything with herbs or acupuncture. I really appreciated her directness, non-judgemental stance, humor, and wealth of knowledge. My friend saw her one time, so I know she will do a one appointment consultation. I can't recommend her enough! good eater

Re: Weight loss resources: (June 2003)

If you are a member of the Berkeley Y, I believe you can see a nutritionist for free, for a group session/orientation (and ask questions there), and for cheap or free in a follow-up personal interview.

Your health plan may also offer something like this - if you have UC Berkeley coverage, check out the Tang Center, or if you have Kaiser, they usually cover this kind of consult - maybe other plans do too?
Should also be losing weight

Gestational diabetes nutritionist

March 2003

Hello, My wife was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It was a late diagnosis -- OMNI Prenatal forgot to tell her that her initial glucose screen came back positive so we were a month late in getting treatment. OMNI has been a tremendous disappointment, and the nurtitionist with the state ''Sweet Success'' program has been unappealing and perfunctory in her approach to us. We are very worried about the health of the baby (and mother). Can anyone recommend a nutritionist in the Berkeley area with expertise in gestational diabetes? We need to speak with someone and would be happy to do this out-of-pocket. Thank you. anon

I had gestational diabetes as well and went to Alta Bates at 5730 Telegraph avenue. I worked with Missy who is the nutritionist there. I found her to be informative and very helpful with the changes needed in my diet. I learned how to inject insulin when needed and received a BP check as well as listened to the baby's heartbeat each time that i went. Good luck with everything. dawn

Nutritionist for teen daughter

Nov 2001

Try Michelle Vivas in Berkeley. 510-642-5075. She's terrific. -- dc

Nutritionist after illness & surgery


Having just recovered from an unexpected illness and surgery for thyroid cancer, I'd love some guidance from a trained nutritionist who has experience dealing with illness, diet as it relates to recovery and wellness, and hormonal issues. Many thanks

I worked with Judy Levine, RN at the American Heart Association in SF, but she also has a private practice. She is very gentle and understanding. The last number I had for her is : 415-665-2522 Karen

I see Carol Lourie, who is a nutritionist, naturopath and homepath and specializes in cases that have not been successfully treated by conventional medicine. She has treated me many times (with great results) and I referred her to friends on occasion who have been very happy. She has been the profession for many years and is extremely confident and knowledgable. She has a no-nonsense approach, which I like. Her office, The Center for Natural Health Care, is in Berkeley and her number is 510-526-2028 AJP

Julie Devin is a licensed acupuncturist and nutritional counselor. I've been seeing her for more than a year for a variety of issues (none as serious as yours), as has my son with a variety of allergies. Julie is very competant, has worked with a variety of illnesses, hormone issues (including my hypothyroid condition) and has helped our family tremendously. I've referred several people to her over the last 18 months with rave reports (in fact a woman I recently referred to Julie had thyroid cancer surgery a while ago and was not doing well with her medication). Julie's number is 652-5014. Healing wishes to you. June

Check out Isaac Cohen with the Alta Bates Comprehensive Center. He is trained in Chinese medicine who treats with herbs, diet, accupressure. I don't have a phone number for him but the Cancer Center will. Best of luck, Frieda

I've heard really good things about Dr. Beth MacDougal at the Preventive Medicine Center (415/566-1000). While she's not a nutritionist per se, she does consult with people on using diet and exercise to deal with health problems. Dashka


Michele Vivas, at the Tang Center, is a clinical nutritionist and exercise physiologist. She is very knowledgable, practical and funny! I highly recommend her and her class, Healthy Lifestyles, offered through Tang. Debbie