Delicious East Bay restaurants for adult dining?

So many great restaurants have closed down in recent years.  We need a new list of restaurants with delicious food and enjoyable ambiance for adult dinners, brunches, and lunches.  What are your favorites in the Oakland/Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito areas?  Thanks!!

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Hi All, 

Here are some of my favorite restaurants in the Berkeley area: 

Mount Everest Restaurant, Taste of the Himalayas, The Italian Homemade Company, Gypsy's Trattoria Italiana, and Noodles Fresh. Let me know if you guys need more! 

Soi 4 Bangkok Eatery on College Ave in Oakland. One of our favorites, and a go-to spot when friends and family visit. Consistently great food for dinner. Good ambiance.  Reservations were recommended on weekends pre-pandemic, but not sure how necessary that is now.

We generally go to dinner, not brunch or lunch, but here's our current list of faves: Juanita and Maude in Albany, Wood Tavern in Rockridge, Belotti also in Rockridge, Almond and Oak in the Grand Lake area, Oeste in downtown Oakland, Duende also in downtown Oakland. Have fun!!

My favorite go-to adult-friendly restaurants where I know I'll get delicious food: Revival in downtown Berkeley, Kirala on Shattuck, A Cote and Ramen Shop in Rockridge, Chez Panisse Cafe, La Note on Shattuck. Honorable mentions: Comal and Sauls in Berkeley, Parlour and Calavera in downtown Oakland. 

Where to begin! I personally love cugini on solano  in Berkeley for classic Italian food. Juanita and Maude in Albany on San Pablo is excellent with great cocktails and food. Zaytoon on solano in Albany has my favorite salad on the planet- fatoush salad with chicken Schwarma. The appetizers are all delicious as well. Ramen shop In rockridge has great food and cool ambiance. Pizzaiolo in Oakland has super creative and delicious pizzas. The list goes on! Enjoy!

Burma Superstar, Belotti, the Italian Homemade, Eureka, Chai Thai Noodles