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  • Need restaurant recs near UC Berkeley

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    My daughter will be starting UC Berkeley next month so since I will be going there to visit her quite a bit I would love to learn about your favorite restaurants near the campus.  Anything from casual to nice, breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinners. Thanks

    Linda Perry

    Linda at peachhead dot net

    Congrats to your daughter!

    A few of our favorites:
    La Note - Delicious brunch, on the pricey side but so worth it. Great outdoor patio, too.
    Cancun - burritos
    Gather - Farm to Table style lunch and dinner


    Southside (Telegraph Ave) - mostly cheap but with some surprisingly good quality:  Taco Sinaloa and Gordo Taqueria for Mex.  D'yar for falafel or shwarma.  All of the noodle places are pretty good and reasonable.

    Westside (Downtown) - on the cheap side I like Sliver pizzeria (slices and pies, similar to Cheeseboard), PIQ (Ital deli/bakery), Fresca (Mex), Imm (Thai), Udupi Palace (veg. Indian).  Upscale - Revival, La Note (French), Alborz (Persian), Angeline's (cajun), Bistro Liaison (French on Northwest corner of campus).

    Gourmet Ghetto - these are easy to find online but go north on Shattuck and park near Cedar or Vine.  Gregoire, Chez Panisse, Cheeseboard, Cesar etc.  

    You will almost certainly find something you like.

    There are honestly so many great places within walking distance of campus - the food around Cal is nothing short of amazing.  You can find high quality options, at all price points, for about any type of cuisine.  

    Some favorite cheap eats: Top Dog (grilled hot dogs), Gordos (burrito/tacos), Ici (ice cream), Cafe Strada (mostly coffee but it is an institution), Zachary's (would be a longish walk).  

    Sit down/when parents are in town: Gather (good for vegetarians), La Note (French comfort food), Comal (hipster Mexican/Latin), Trattoria Siciliana (Italian).  

    Breakfast/brunch: Rick & Ann's, La Note, Venus.