Daycare Recommendation in Pleasant Hill / Walnut Creek

Hello! We just moved to Pleasant Hill and seeking a daycare in Pleasant Hill / Walnut Creek area for our son who just turned 1 yr old last week. We've searched online and read reviews but wanting to know if anyone have recommendations. We're open to part-time or full-time. In case if it helps, we've been home with our son this past year while working from home so he doesn't have much experience with other kids or adults. Thank you!

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We are starting at A Small World on the border of Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek three days a week next month with our 10 month old.  They seemed the most cautious with Covid even during the summer when things were starting to relax.  If you end up looking there, let me know!  It would be great to meet other parents.

Mu 2.5 year old goes to Kidz Planet in PH and its great! definitley not the cheapest option, but they do a lot of activities with the kids and my girl has learned so much. She started at 21 months old and wasn't really talking, after 1 month there she became a total chatterbox! They are also being very safe with COVID. I highly recommend them. 

We had a good experience at KinderCare in Walnut Creek, though that was about a decade ago...

My kids are in elementary school, but if I had to do it all over again, I would send them to Kid Time, which is right on the border of WC and PH. I hear nothing but good things from friends who have sent their children there.

Thank you for the recommendations. I've contacted all! I'm on the waiting list for A Small World and waiting to hear back about Kidz Planet and KinderCare.