Seeking a Daycare or Preschool in Pleasant Hill

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Sept 2007

We are moving to Pleasant Hill at the end of the month, and I am looking for a part-time preschool program for my son (2.5 on Sept. 23). I have checked the archives but need more info. We are looking for hopefully 2 days a week, and he is not potty-trained, but is advanced as far as speech and interaction with other kids. Most of the preschool programs seem to require the child to be 3 or to be potty-trained. Any recommendations? Thanks! new PH mom

Our daughter was very happy at Kid Time, in northern Walnut Creek on Geary Road. I'll summarize our experience with a short example. There is another pre-school closer to our home, and we would always see the children waiting anxiously at the window, as we went home at the end of the day. By contrast, every time I picked up my daughter from Kid Time, she would ask for a few more minutes before we had to go. Being potty trained is not required, although they do charge a small ''diaper fee'' (they go as young as 2 years old). All of the children there went full time, as far as I knew; you'd have to ask them about part-time. Anyway, my daughter loved it, and we were impressed by the quality of their staff. Craig

We live in Pleasant Hill too and have a son who will be 2.5 in early November. He started from 4 months old at Sunrise on Oak Park Blvd. The teachers are very caring and they offer a strong curriculum. We moved him to a location closer to my office when he turned two so I am not certain on their policies regarding potty training after 2.5 years but I know they help to potty train when you are ready. I believe that they also offer a flexible schedule. I have also heard great things about Fountainhead Montessori on Golf Club Road. Since you are only looking for two days a week and not full-day child care, Fountainhead might be a very good option for you. I believe they have quite a bit of information online. Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood! Pleasant Hill Mom

Someone posted asking for information regarding daycare/preschool for their child who is under 3 and not yet potty trained. If you can co-op, there are some places in the area that will allow your non-potty trained child to attend preschool (I know Loma Vista preschool in Concord, near PH & also near Concord BART, will). Another place to search is which lists a lot of the east bay preschools in the area.

Don't limit yourself to just Pleasant Hill if you have a car. Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez are all close by and all have a variety of preschools to choose from. In Feb. there is a preschool fair at PH Rec so keep your eyes peeled about that.

There are many mother's clubs in the area to choose from (Mt. Diablo Mother's Club & Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill Mother's Club serve the PH area), as well as MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) too.

The city of PH, as well as nearby cities all offer low-cost classes for kids (gymnastics, music, etc.). Look online through their parks & rec depts.

Hope this helps you start finding some resources! Stephanie

Jan 2007

We've just moved to unincorporated land close to Pleasant Hill (near Briones). We're hoping to get our 2-1/2 year old into pre- school next fall (she'll be 39 months then). Any recommendations for preschools in the area, possibly close to 24? Thanks!

We've been really pleased with ''Stepping Stones Learning Center'' on the border of Pleasant Hill/Martinez (2750 Pleasant Hill Road). I did a lot of research before I found this one: I wanted a play-based curriculum and sense of community in the school - the director is wonderful and she sets the whole tone for the Center. My daugther has been there since August and she is happy and thrivng under their care. Their phone no is 925-933-6520 and the directors name is Stacey. Good Luck! /Camilla (Bella's Mom)

I believe I know approximately where you live, the big question is where will your kids go to school? Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Martinez or Walnut Creek (the school lines are funky around there). This makes all the difference in your preschool. If Lafayette, I recommend Happy Days, if Pleasant Hill there is a great one called Playtime (I think that's the name) Jennifer