Daycare that lets mom stay with their babies

Dear all,

I have been looking for a daycare that let me stay with my three month old baby. I don’t want to leave the baby for the whole day and leave, and since I am studying online, I am just looking for a place that my baby is entertained while me being there (maybe in a separate room studying at my laptop). Please let me know if you know of such a daycare.

thanks a lot,


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Hi, seems unlikely to me. It sounds like what you’re seeking is an in-home daycare provider. The centers I knew of didn’t want parents to linger at all after drop-off (yes, even if baby was crying). 

Not a daycare but Mothership HackerMoms in Berkeley has sitters available for members who are working in the space.

What you are describing sounds a bit strange. You want a babysitter/nanny to take care of your child while you are there, but for you all to go to her house instead of having her come to yours. Just have a nanny come to your house and take care of your baby while you work in a different room! It is very normal for mothers to arrange for someone to come into their home to take care of the baby while the mother works at the home. It is not normal for the mother to work in the home/center of the person who is taking care of the baby.

Have you thought of hiring an in-home mother's helper?   When I was home on maternity leave, I hired one so I could complete my graduate school work 2 days per week.   I hired her for 4-hours, but she was willing to do full days if I had been interested.   Since I was home, I paid $16/hour + tip, which is far less than the typical $24-26/hour for solo care for a nanny.  We used UrbanSitter to find our provider.  

Another option is a daycare that is flexible about letting you stop by.  My child is at Cornerstone Children's Center in downtown Berkeley.  They have a nursing room and encourage breastfeeding moms to stop by at feeding times to nurse, and parents are always welcome to take a break and come play with their child during the day.  (This is the infant room policy - under 12 mo - I'm not sure they encourage that for older kids where it could be a classroom distraction or promote crying at drop off.)  I did this quite a bit while part-time at work while my baby transitioned.  In addition, the campus where the childcare is located has a great coffee shop where you could do your studying - 1951 Coffee.   Cornerstone also has a variety of schedule options - like 2 or 3 days per week, or a part-time 9.30-3.00pm schedule.