Day care in Oakland for 18month old- prefer spanish immersion


We are looking for a daycare in Oakland for our daughter starting in January. She will be 18months at this time.  We would love a spanish immersion program, but a loving daycare is the most important. We do not speak spanish so we are looking for a place that the caregivers speak English as well as Spanish.

Our daughter is loving and sweet but on the shy side so we are looking for a smaller setting to start her out in. 

We have looked into a lot of places that were previously recommend on BPN but most of them required her to be 2 -3 years old.

Any help would be appreciated! 

[Moderator Note] You can search for Spanish-speaking daycares on BPN's search form here: -- choose Facility Type =Home-based Daycare and City=Oakland and Language=Spanish. (There are 39 matches to this search!)

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My 20 month old son is at Monte Tavor and we love it! Teachers only speak Spanish to the kids, but everyone can speak English and I can communicate with the owner and teacher in English. It's bigger than we were aiming for, but the kids have mini groups with their own teacher and kids their age, so it doesn't feel big. My son has been there since 12 months and has absolutely loved it.

Hey there--We have been thrilled with Mechita Daycare for the past 3 years. Our son just "graduated" but our daughter is still there and loves it. It's a home daycare, so the whole family is involved with childcare. Mercedes, the mom, cooks healthy Peruvian food (breakfast and lunch) from scratch which the kids adore. There is a play area in front and they often go to Little Frog and Frog Park, walks in the neighborhood, story time at the library, etc. There is a lot of free play time, but we also get lots of art work and bits and pieces of Spanish language songs that our kids come home singing. All in all, it's a loving environment and I highly encourage you to check it out. Usually she has 4-6 kids so it's also smallish.

If you are willing to go to Berkeley, we highly recommend Nana’s house!