Counselor or therapist for angry 13yo son

My 13 year old boy is showing a lack of impulse control when he is angry or annoyed and he gets physical. He is getting big and strong and I hope he can learn to control himself before he really ruins his relationships with people, like my father did. 

He is a a very smart and talented kid and school seems easy for him. This seems to translate for him into perfection, but he is far from perfect. So when he is reprimanded for something, rather than trying to do things differently, his reaction is to make it someone else's fault, to play the victim or become angry. 

I'm hoping for a good male therapist in the Richmond/ El Cerrito/ Albany area to help him sort out these issues and get some new tools for relating to the world. If you know of anyone, I would appreciate recommendations.

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-I recommend Jason Brand, whose office is at 5th & Cedar in West Berkeley.  He did a great job of connecting with my son during a 3-4 month gig following my divorce with my wife, just to give him his own connection and resource to someone outside the family.  His phone is 488-3093/

Recently we met with several therapists, trying to choose one for our 13 year old daughter.  One that we met with a couple of times was David Frankel in Berkeley.  He was amazing, and we all liked him a lot.  In the end, our daughter chose someone else (a female) and we have been meeting with her instead. 

I would heartily recommend David Frankel.  He is wonderful. Google David J Frankel, PhD for his number.