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  • Counselor or therapist for angry 13yo son

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    My 13 year old boy is showing a lack of impulse control when he is angry or annoyed and he gets physical. He is getting big and strong and I hope he can learn to control himself before he really ruins his relationships with people, like my father did. 

    He is a a very smart and talented kid and school seems easy for him. This seems to translate for him into perfection, but he is far from perfect. So when he is reprimanded for something, rather than trying to do things differently, his reaction is to make it someone else's fault, to play the victim or become angry. 

    I'm hoping for a good male therapist in the Richmond/ El Cerrito/ Albany area to help him sort out these issues and get some new tools for relating to the world. If you know of anyone, I would appreciate recommendations.

    -I recommend Jason Brand, whose office is at 5th & Cedar in West Berkeley.  He did a great job of connecting with my son during a 3-4 month gig following my divorce with my wife, just to give him his own connection and resource to someone outside the family.  His phone is 488-3093/

    Recently we met with several therapists, trying to choose one for our 13 year old daughter.  One that we met with a couple of times was David Frankel in Berkeley.  He was amazing, and we all liked him a lot.  In the end, our daughter chose someone else (a female) and we have been meeting with her instead. 

    I would heartily recommend David Frankel.  He is wonderful. Google David J Frankel, PhD for his number.

  • Hi. Can anyone recommend an anger management class for a teen boy, age 17? We could get to Oakland, Berkeley, Lamorinda area, Walnut Creek, Concord. He's having scary angry outbursts -- swearing, breaking furniture, punching holes in the wall, etc. -- every few weeks. He's on meds and monitored by a psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente, but they have been of little to no help in this situation. My son refuses to see anyone there for 1-1 therapy because the therapists come and go so quickly. They have no anger classes for teens, only adults. Please let me know if you can recommend anything! Thanks.

    My recommendation would be to find a good 1 on 1 therapist who your son can relate too. My experience with two sons who had the same behaviors (one worse than the other) is that they were embarrassed by their behavior and wouldn't disclose what they did in a group setting. So having him connect with an experienced therapist gives you a much better chance of success. I highly recommend David Borof, whose office is in Walnut Creek on the west side of I-680. He totally "gets it" and can offer concrete help to teenager and parents. His phone number is 510-701-0427. If you still feel that group therapy is the right way to go, I can suggest Coyote Coast in Orinda. Ask for Alex 925-258-5400. They screen their groups very carefully to ensure that the boys mesh together, have similar "issues" and also make it fun with a Saturday outing once per month. And hang in there, I've known several boys in addition to our own who went through this anger phase and they all turned out okay. Make sure the consequences of his behavior naturally follow his blowups - patch and paint the plaster, buy a new chair, etc. 

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Anger management class for teens

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February 2007

Does anyone know of a teenage boys anger management class for kids who are not Kaiser patients?

I've found several classes useful.

Mt. Diablo Adult Ed in Concord has two excellent programs. One is for Parents & their teens. Mrs. Cantrell teaches it & it's a two week program, one night a week. This class is FREE. The next sessions are 3/28 - 4/4, 5/2-5/9, 5/30-6/6. They also have another great class that is just Anger management. It costs $35. I've taken this & found it very helpful for me to deal with my son's anger as well as making sure I'm expressing mine in a proper way. This is an 11 week class. Karen Lingenfelter teaches this, she's great & has a great sense of humor. The class is revolving so you could join at any time. These classes are held at Loma Vista Adult Center 1266 San Carlos Ave. 94518. To register for either of these classes, you would call 925-685- 7640 ext 2772.

I also highly recommend you signing up for a class called Parent Project. It's a nationally proven program for changing destructive & out of control adolescenct behavior. It's designed for any care provider dealing with serious adolescent acting-out. You learn effective parenting skills & how to get the support you need. It's also held in Concord but at the John Muir Behavioral Health Services bldg. formely Mt. Diablo Medical Pavilion on Grant St. You can sign up by calling Melody Royal at 925-682-8000 ext. 4297. There is a $50. cost that covers the classes, textbooks & all the handouts. It is taught by the MDUSD parent liason as well as Jerry Zimmerman who works at an alternative high school & is the psychologist. They are both great. This is also an 11 week class, but it is awesome!!! There also is a dinner sign up list, so you get to eat there.

I hope this helped out. I know they're helping me out.