Need Rec for Teen Anger Management Class ASAP!

Hi. Can anyone recommend an anger management class for a teen boy, age 17? We could get to Oakland, Berkeley, Lamorinda area, Walnut Creek, Concord. He's having scary angry outbursts -- swearing, breaking furniture, punching holes in the wall, etc. -- every few weeks. He's on meds and monitored by a psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente, but they have been of little to no help in this situation. My son refuses to see anyone there for 1-1 therapy because the therapists come and go so quickly. They have no anger classes for teens, only adults. Please let me know if you can recommend anything! Thanks.

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My recommendation would be to find a good 1 on 1 therapist who your son can relate too. My experience with two sons who had the same behaviors (one worse than the other) is that they were embarrassed by their behavior and wouldn't disclose what they did in a group setting. So having him connect with an experienced therapist gives you a much better chance of success. I highly recommend David Borof, whose office is in Walnut Creek on the west side of I-680. He totally "gets it" and can offer concrete help to teenager and parents. His phone number is 510-701-0427. If you still feel that group therapy is the right way to go, I can suggest Coyote Coast in Orinda. Ask for Alex 925-258-5400. They screen their groups very carefully to ensure that the boys mesh together, have similar "issues" and also make it fun with a Saturday outing once per month. And hang in there, I've known several boys in addition to our own who went through this anger phase and they all turned out okay. Make sure the consequences of his behavior naturally follow his blowups - patch and paint the plaster, buy a new chair, etc.