Co-parenting counselor recommendation for divorcing couple?

I'm looking for a co-parenting counselor able to work with couples who are separating/divorcing and who have more of a coaching and direct approach and who can work with strong male personalities. Doesn't have to be in-person, video would actually be preferable. Thank you in advance for any personal recommendations.

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I would highly recommend Robert Terris ( We have used him for mediation and co-parenting issues for the last few years and he has been invaluable. He is very solutions-focused and keeps us on track, helping us reach resolutions and agreements despite constant interference from some strong and irrational personality dynamics with my former partner (won't say more there but hopefully you get the idea.) My former partner has cut off so many therapists, couselors, etc. that we have tried to work with, but he was willing to continue to meet with Robert and we actually made progress with him. Couldn't recommend him highly enough; he's very trustworthy, experienced, easy-to-work-with, strategic and effective. Our meetings were all by Zoom but I believe he also meets in-person. Good luck!