Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

My 15 year old daughter has had many of the symptoms of CFS for about a year. Joint pain, always exhausted, brain fog, daily dizziness, and night sweats. Kaiser has done many tests and everything is normal. I know CFS (or Lyme) is hard to diagnose or treat. Ugh. Any recommendations for what we should do?

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So sorry to hear about your daughter! We have been struggling with the same thing. It started with dizziness/POTS and brain fog for my 15-year-old daughter; then she got the flu and since then she has had daily headache/migraine and chronic fatigue and brain fog. It's been over 18 months now. She has a diagnosis of post-viral syndrome because she had mono before this all started. You have to see specialists because primary care wants to simplify it to only anxiety/depression. We have been waiting for a year to get into the Center for Complex Diseases in Palo Alto which focuses on CFS. If you think its Lyme, I suggest Dr. Sunja Schweig. Is your daughter able to go to school? My daughter had to pull out of high school for a semester which was very difficult because she is ambitious. She's back in again this year, but has just had a CFS "crash" and has missed 1 week of school and this week isn't looking good either. I'd love to connect with anyone else going through this to share info/ideas.