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Feb 2005

I am looking for a primary care physician, preferably female, in or near the Berkeley area. If anyone knows of one who has experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, that would be even better! I am on MediCal/Medicare. Thanks!

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Nov 2004

Does anyone know a specialist that deals with Cronic Fatigue Sydrome? If you know someone near La Morinda that would be the best. What type of doctor or specialist would you recommend? sleepy mommy

There is a wonderful endocrinologist in Lafayette named Rachelle Halpern who has an interesting approach to Chronic Fatigue (I believe she looks at mercury toxicity as a possible cause) and I know she's had great success in treating this disorder. I don't have her phone # here but I'll try to post again once I find it.

i can recommend jeffrey mandel in hayward. but if you do an online search for immunesupport.com you can get their list of ''good docs''...READ all you can about CFS/M.E.--Paul Cheney (in NC)!; Tetelbaum's book & web site, listing practitioners who have taken his workshops. Read the Nightengale book edited by Brian Hyde, Canada--a magnificent collection of research that really legitimises the disease-- Myalgic Encephalopathy. Read ''Running on Empty.'' Get off caffeine & sugar. Some people get results from the Ultra-Clear detox protocol. Pay close attention to MD's who want to give you antidepressants--read Dr Chaney's words on this, especially long-term use. I'd also be wary of any of the ''speeds'' or meds for narcolepsy until you've tried just about everything. Xyrem works for many, but finding a doc willing to prescribe this is not easy. There is a new antidepressant, IXEL or MILNACIPRAM, not available in this country, but can be obtained--designed especially for people wth FM, particularly for pain-again, beware long-term. I've had CFS/M.E. since 86 & my very best response has been from acupuncturist Jenny Crissman. Alternative medicine & therapies work really well for many with CFS/ME/FM. Amsterdam has a fabulous clinic. Read, be super informed, & don't let anyone convince you this is not real. If an MD or any health care practitioner is not willing to be creative, then find someone else immediately. Kaiser's care for people with CFS is HORRIBLE; I can tell you horror stories of scary, could-have-killed-me-if-i'd-not- known a lot (last KP care 2001.) Dr Goldstein, LA area, is well-known in the field...find a support group; subscribe to the CFS newletter from national cfs care--they are extraordinarily reliable & THE BEST SOURCE OF CARE & INFO!!!! http: // www.cfids.org/...if U R newly diagnosed, be sure you are practicing ''aggressive rest therapy.'' it's a complicated, complex, & frustrating process finding help & therapy...many treatments seem to work for a while, then stop....be sure you are adequately tested & treated for thyroid.....check out piracetam for cognitive function--it's helped me and many others--you may have to get it compounded....be aware of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities oonagh