Chemical Engineering Tutor Needed

We have an undergraduate student in UC Berkeley's Chemical Engineering Dept. who needs a tutor, preferably a grad student or a practicing chemical engineer. Please let us know if you can recommend someone. We can pay up to $75 per hour. Thanks so much for your help.

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i get regular community emails from the Contra Costa Library and saw something that may interest you. Something called Brainfuse. If you go to the CCC library main website and look under Digital Resources, there is a category for Learning and Homework help and has Brainfuse listed. It appears to offer "in-person" online tutoring at all levels, including university courses.

If you use it and find it useful...or not, perhaps you could post a recommendation on BPN in the future since there may be others who could benefit from this resource.

Best of luck with this for you and your student. Challenging times for our kids to get help, all around.