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  • seeking AP Chemistry tutor

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    We would love a current recommendation for someone you've had good experience with, who can tutor AP Chemistry for our Berkeley High School 10th grader. The distance learning model has cut the teaching time in half, so there is less teaching and at a faster pace (even for AP Chem).  Many thanks!

    RE: seeking AP Chemistry tutor ()

    We've had great experience with Classroom Matters -- our daughter's tutor is Kyle and he's been a fantastic fit for her. I've also heard that Misha Yerlick ( is great. It's definitely been challenging squeezing in all the material in half the time for an already fast-paced class!

    RE: seeking AP Chemistry tutor ()

    I can't say enough good things about Sara Bourne with - she has a PhD in Chemistry from Cal - and she connected well with my kid. She also has a great system for making herself on call for students during homework hours. 

  • Chemical Engineering Tutor Needed

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    We have an undergraduate student in UC Berkeley's Chemical Engineering Dept. who needs a tutor, preferably a grad student or a practicing chemical engineer. Please let us know if you can recommend someone. We can pay up to $75 per hour. Thanks so much for your help.


    i get regular community emails from the Contra Costa Library and saw something that may interest you. Something called Brainfuse. If you go to the CCC library main website and look under Digital Resources, there is a category for Learning and Homework help and has Brainfuse listed. It appears to offer "in-person" online tutoring at all levels, including university courses.

    If you use it and find it useful...or not, perhaps you could post a recommendation on BPN in the future since there may be others who could benefit from this resource.

    Best of luck with this for you and your student. Challenging times for our kids to get help, all around.

  • AP CHEM Tutor

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    Hi Parents,

    I have a son who is 15 years old taking AP Chem and looking for a tutor.
    What is the best way to go about it?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

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    RE: AP CHEM Tutor ()

    I would recommend that you check out Bay Area Tutoring Collective:  They are a group of UC Berkeley students, most of them women, who are all STEM majors. They provide reasonably priced high quality tutoring sessions. If one of them is sick or out of town, they will offer another one of their tutors to cover a session. I personally like the idea of a collective- this is not a tutoring company where tutors get 50% or less of the rate charged- the tutors receive 100% of the pay. My son has benefitted greatly from working with one of these tutors, I have recommended them to others who have also been very happy. 

    RE: AP CHEM Tutor ()

    I also have a 15 year old son who is taking AP chemistry at Berkeley High. Though my son at first didn’t want the help of a tutor, he finally decided he needed help.   Through friends’ recommendations, I learned about Classroom Matters.  For the last four months, my son has actually enjoyed working on his AP chemistry with his very experienced tutor.  When his one hour session is complete each week, he says things like, “She is really smart and can actually teach,” or, “she makes way more sense than my teacher,” or, “why can’t my teacher explain it like this?”  

    As my son does not enjoy being a student, each week I’m amazed that I don’t have to push him to go to Classroom Matters.  He’s happy to go and he’s happy with the results.  Though he doesn’t get tutoring help with his math, he credits his two-grade jump to the help he’s received from his tutor.

    As Classroom Matters is observing the shelter-in-place mandate, my son is continuing his sessions online with his tutor.

  • Recommendations for Chemistry Tutors

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    Hello, does anyone have a recommendation for a good chemistry tutor? My son is currently taking AP Chem and is finding it more challenging than expected. I believe someone with a focus on organic chemistry would be a plus, but any recommendations for good chem tutors would be appreciated! Thank you.

    You might try Beth Flynn -- she is a grad student in Math and Physics and I think does Chem as well. She tutored a high school student of mine in Math and was super smart and engaging. (She teaches at Laney.) Her email is eannflynn [at]

  • Seeking AP Chemistry Tutor

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    Hi - 
    I'd be grateful for any recommendations for an AP Chemistry tutor for Miramonte High School student - preferably one that is able to come to our home in Orinda. Thanks so much.

    RE: Seeking AP Chemistry Tutor ()

    I highly recommend Amy Hansen. She's a truly wonderful teacher and was the head of the Chemistry Department at Berkeley. Really saved my daughter last year!

    hansena49 [at]

  • Greetings,

    We are seeking a tutor (probably only temporary) for AP Chemistry for our 17 year old.  She is an excellent student but feels unprepared by her prior Chemistry class. Can anyone recommend an individual or tutoring center for this class? 

    Many thanks

    For which school? For Berkeley High, it's best to find a tutor who is a former Berkeley High Chemistry teacher. Amy Hansen is great if she's still tutoring. For other schools, my kids worked with fabulous tutors from Tilden Prep (yes, they provide tutoring as well as classes) and Study Smarter.

    Both of my daughters worked with Stephen Brand, a former head of Berkeley High's chemistry department.  He was tremendously knowledgeable and flexible -- and, an added bonus, after the initial meeting, they were able to work with him on Skype, which made scheduling much easier.  He can be contacted by email at stephenbrand44 [at]

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Need AP Chemistry Tutor for Daughter at BHS

April 2016

My daughter needs an AP Chemistry Teacher for BHS 2016/2017 school year that can accommodate her Crew Team schedule. Trying to get it sorted ahead of time. Thank you for any and all suggestions. K.

My daughter at BHS enjoyed and appreciated working with tutor Rosie Ueng on AP Chemistry work;
rosie [at] 510.649.3039
Karen G

Both of my daughters have worked with Steve Brand (stephenbrand44 [at] He is a former head of BHS Chemistry Dept. and knows the material inside and out. Additionally, after the first meeting, you can work with him on Skype, making it incredibly convenient -- and quite inexpensive. I recommend him completely! Chloe C

Chemistry & Algebra II tutor recommendations sought

Nov 2015

We are looking for someone who can tutor both high school Chemistry and Algebra II. Any recommendations for a tutor of either or both? We're looking for someone patient, clear, experienced and knowledgeable. We're in Berkeley. Thanks. Mom of an art kid

Hi, When my son needed an AP Chemistry tutor last year, I contacted the Chemistry department at Cal and asked them to post a sign for a student interested in tutoring. Within a couple of weeks, we found a lovely young man, who ended up tutoring not just my son, but two friends as well - an hour and a half a week for $15 for each family. Sweet deal for the families, sweet deal for the college student. Unfortunately, the student has graduated and moved out of the area, but you might be able to find another student this way. NC

Amy Hansen, Chemistry Tutor

Aug 2015

My daughter took AP Chemistry at Berkeley High last year. She was concerned about staying on top of the material in the class, so we decided to get her a tutor starting at the very beginning of the year. Amy Hansen (hansena49 [at] was recommended to us by another parent, so my daughter started meeting with her roughly once a week (at the library downtown). It turned out to be a great recommendation! My daughter liked Amy a lot, and found the whole process very helpful. By the end of the class, she said she really liked chemistry (which I think is only possible if you really understand the subject and the nuances -- this never happened for me in chemistry!), she got an A in the class, and she did extremely well on both the AP and the SAT Subject tests. I highly recommend Amy for Chemistry tutoring -- she's great! VERY happy parent

June 2015

Thanks to recommendations on this network, we recently engaged Steve Brand
as a chemistry tutor for our Berkeley High sophomore.

Steve responded quickly to a ''911'' after my son had a very bad quarter in
chemistry and hoped to resurrect his semester grade in the final month of
the year.

Steve tutored my son over SKYPE, which initially seemed like it might be
less than ideal but worked out just fine.

He has a wonderful, calm demeanor and is good at sensitively figuring out
where the student is struggling. In our case, test prep and study habits
were a part of the problem, and Steve made good suggestions. He is a whiz at
explaining the concepts and content too.

Three sessions in, my son earned the highest grade in the class on an exam.
We'll see how my son does on the final tomorrow, but I've seen great

Contact him at stephenbrand [at] He is terrific!
Narrowly Averted Chemistry Calamity

Seeking tutor for AP chemistry, Berkeley High

Oct 2014

Looking for a tutor for AP chemistry for my berkeley high sophomore. Would consider using a high school student who did well in the class and can explain the work. Hoping for a reasonable rate- finances limited.

I think others have posted this before. Steve Brand: stephenbrand44 [at] Former BHS chem teacher. Nice man. Comes to your house. Is happy to tutor more than one kid at a time (splits the cost and is good for the kids). Highest recommendation. Peggy

I am writing to recommend Amy Hansen as a tutor for AP Chemistry. Amy worked with my 10th grader last year, and was very helpful in explaining the material and using a process and Q format through which my 10th grader had to think through the concepts and solve the problems. My teen had a very hard time in the AP class and often got discouraged. The weekly sessions with Amy were essential to make it through - that was when my teen was able to digest more of the information and feel more confidence working through the homework packets. In addition to having a thorough understanding of the material, Amy was also very patient and had a caring nature throughout. Since she used to teach AP Chem at BHS, she is very familiar with curriculum and up to date on what the teachers are doing in each sessions. Lastly - when my teen had some last minute questions before a project, Amy was available on the phone to help. All said, we had a great experience with Amy. hansena49 [at] anon

For families looking for a caring and effective AP Chem tutor, we highly recommend Stephen Brand, former BHS AP Chem teacher. Our son was struggling his sophomore year taking both AP Chem and Math Analysis at the same time. He was getting Cs on his tests and couldn't figure out what to do differently. Stephen spent a few sessions with him, quickly identified the learning barriers, and our son started excelling. The light went on and stayed on! He finished with As in both classes. Stephen can be reached at stephenbrand44 [at] Relieved parent

Chemistry Tutor Recommended

May 2013

Chemistry Tutor Recommended. Amy Hansen is a very knowledge, personable, and professional tutor. She is retired from many years of teaching at Berkeley High School and knows the material extremely well. Amy has met with our daughter weekly throughout this school year and helped her tackle Honors Chemistry. She is always on time, explains the concepts from several different perspectives, and provides review questions. My daughter has really appreciated Amy's clarity and has enjoyed meeting with her. Amy can be reached at hansena49 [at] Jacquie W

Tutor for AP Chemistry

Dec 2012

My 10th grader needs help with AP Chem, can anyone pass along the name of an East Bay tutor? Anon.

We used Elizabeth Znameroski through East Bay Tutoring, you can reach her directly at: eaz [at] She is amazing! Maggie

My son, also a sophmore, recently started working with a tutor to help him with chemistry and has had several meetings already. I found the tutor through Aspire Education, My son is now so enthusiastic about what he is learning that he wants to tutor chemistry. A good tutor is a blessing!

Chemistry tutor review

May 2012

I want to recommend Steve Brand as a chemistry tutor. He provided great guidance to my son during the second semester of AP Chemistry at Berkeley High.

Not only did my son learn what he needed about how to approach the chemistry problems before him, but his confidence and pride in himself as a person who could tackle and master challenging work grew.

When he started with Mr. Brand, my son was feeling defeated, so much so that when new material was presented he basically stopped listening as he did not expect to understand.

Mr. Brand's support extended beyond the tutoring hour, supplying practice examples and instruction on how to strategically approach questions.

By the beginning of May, he was able to grapple with the AP practice tests as comfortably as he does when engaged in subjects in which he experiences himself as capable. When I asked how the exam went, he replied that he felt very well prepared. Parent of now confident AP student

Chemistry, Math Tutor(s) - BHS

Sep 2011

Hi, We are looking for a Chemistry and a Math tutor for our sophomore at Berkeley High - possibly the same person, doesn't have to be. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks so much. Concerned BHS Parents

Azul Lewis is a wonderful, kind, patient and effective tutor in maths and sciences. She worked with both of my teens in chemistry and advanced maths, including statistics, and was practically a member of our family for five years. She came every week, worked quietly at the kitchen table with our kids, gave them lots of confidence. Our son began math analysis with a ''D'' and ended up with ''B''s. Her email is azullewis [at] Good luck! kathe

My daughter had a wonderful experience at Classroom Matters in Berkeley. ( Meg, worked closely with my daughter and her teachers to make sure she understood the material, kept up on assignments, and was adequately prepared for tests. Without Meg and Classroom Matters, she would have had an enormous struggle to keep up in Chemistry and Geometry. I'd highly recommend them! Tanya

Check the post in the last edition of BPN. Misha went to BHS and knows the teachers and subject matter. I highly recommend him. Experienced math and science tutor available for 2011-2012 academic year. Alumnus of University of Pennsylvania engineering school. Over 7 years tutoring and childcare experience including program director at Camp Kee Tov. Tutoring subjects include all pre-high school math, physics, AP physics, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis, AP calculus AB/BC, SAT, and SAT II. Call Misha Yerlick at (510) 295-3484 or email at myerlick [at] satisfied parent

Chemistry and Geometry tutor needed

Feb 2010

Our Berkeley High sophomore is in need of tutoring in chemistry and geometry. We'd like her to have the support she needs in these areas as soon as possible before the semester is much further along. We're looking for tutors for each subject (unless we luck out and find one individual who can tutor in both areas). We're in North Berkeley (but can travel as needed) and she's available after school and on the weekends. Recommendations greatly appreciated. Many thanks

Two years ago my daughter used Rosie Ueng for Chemistry and Dominica Phetteplace for algebra 2 and was pleased with her results. Rosie is on Ellsworth, easily gotten to from BHS, at 510-649-3039. Dominica is on Piedmont near Julia Morgan Center, at 510-666-1088 or dominica [at]

Tutor for AP Chemistry

Oct 2009

I am looking for a grad student or someone similar who can tutor my junior-in-high school son in AP Chemistry. Prefer experienced tutor with references. Oakland or Piedmont area a plus. Thank you. High Schooler's Mom

My son is also a high school junior taking AP Chem. He speaks very highly of his tutor, who also helped him w/ AP Bio last year. I know that she tutors many Berkeley High kids. She works from her home, in south Berkeley (Ellsworth Street, across from LeConte School). Her name is Rosie, telephone number 649-3039. anon

I highly recommend Amy Hansen, a BHS AP Chemistry teacher, as a tutor. She is enthusiastic, dedicated and hands-on. My twin sons had her as a teacher last year and not only did she spark their interest, but she gave them a great foundation on which to build. In addition, both boys performed well on the AP exam and SAT subject test. Her love of the subject and teacher skills make her a perfect tutor. You can contact Amy at hansena49 [at] Nancy

Sep 13 2009

I highly recommend Steve Brand. Steve tutored both of my children in AP Chemistry over the last several years with excellent results. He is a former BHS teacher who knows the curriculum and he was able to quickly see where my kids needed additional help. More importantly, as an experienced teacher, he knew how to approach the material in a way that was understandable and even interesting. He clearly knows and loves the subject matter and brings real enthusiasm to his teaching. He is also well organized and kind. He can be reached at stephenbrand44 [at] Margaret

July 2008

Chemistry tutor: I highly recommend Steve Brand. He is a retired Berkeley high chemistry teacher, so he knows the program and teachers there. We hired him for 5 sessions at the end of the year. He was excellent at helping our son look at his returned labs and tests to see how the answers could have been more complete. In covering upcoming materials for tests he would say ''this is what the teacher will be looking for in your answer''. He was patient and positive. His contact information is stephenbrand44 [at], 415-456-4243. M

Nov 2007

Can anyone recommend a tutor for chemistry? My child is failing in her basic chem (not AP) class at BHS. Need someone ASAP at a reasonable rate if possible. Deborah

I would recommend Rosie Ueng at 649-3039 and Classroom Matters in Berkeley 540-8646. Karen

Oct 2006

My son is a junior at BHS and is struggling with chemistry. I am looking for a chem tutor who can help once a week. We live in Berkeley. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated

My son is being tutored by Steve Brand, a wonderful and well-known chemistry teacher who taught for many years at Berkeley High. He is not just a homework help kind of tutor (though he could do that, too), but a true teacher, filled with knowledge and enthusiasm. He can teach all kinds of students, either ones who are struggling or the AP variety. His number is 415-456-4243. He's here in the East Bay tutoring several times a week.
happy with tutor

Sept 2006

we are seeking a tutor in Chemistry to assist my son on a consistent basis per week during the BHS academic year

If you are looking for a chemistry tutor, you ought to get in touch with Paul Osborne (Paul The Tutor). He does some really good work with a lot of students, and has a masters in education from Harvard. He has his website at and you can send him an email through the website. You can also reach him by phone at (510) 301- 5302. He is quite expensive, though I believe he has other tutors who work for him who are less expensive.

I was so impressed at this tutor's mastery of the subject of chemisty as well as her ability to relate to teenagers and to make the learning up-beat. She is a Cal graduate student and has worked for Ivy West. Her name is Lena and her number is 205-8675. She also tutors in math.

Aug 10 2006

I am highly recommending Andrew Gordon Kirsch, a current UCLA student, as an excellent Chemistry tutor. We hired him to help with summer Chem. He is practical and patient providing positive reinforcement all along the way. He is courteous and reliable. He motivates. My daughter passed the class with flying colors. He will be around until late Sept. before he leaves for school. You can reach Andrew at: AndrewTheTutor[at] 510-526-7371 Candi

Seeking Chemistry tutor for BHS student

March 2006

I am currently looking for a chemistry tutor for my 14 yr old son who is enrolled at BHS. He has fallen behind and we are looking for someone to help him catch-up and perhaps continue through out the balance of the school year. Denise

I highly recommend Paul D. Osborne. He can be reached at (510) 301-5302. His website is and his work email is paulthetutor[at] anon

Feb 2006

Can anyone recommend a good Chemistry tutor for a BHS freshman who's in over his head with Advanced Chemistry? anon

Both of my kids took AP Chemistry at Berkeley High, and both eventually needed the assistance of a private tutor to get through the class. My son had a wonderful tutor last year named Steve Brand -- I believe Mr. Brand taught AP and Advanced Chemistry at BHS for years before he retired. His phone number is 415-819-4243 (cell). My daughter had a tutor named Rosie whom she loved, but unfortunately this was two years ago and I no longer have her phone number. Jessica Seaton

I am a teacher, and I have seen Paul Osborne, Paul The Tutor, do excellent work as a chemistry tutor. He helps students understand chemistry hollistically as opposed to giving them formulas to memorize. The students I have referred to him all say they understand more thanks to his help, and their grades go up accordingly. You can see more about what he does at his website, which is His phone number is (510) 301-5302 Good Luck Concerned Teacher

Jan 06 2006

Warner Freeman, former King Middle School Science Dept. Chair, was a fantastic tutor for my daughter in science and chemistry. He was able to get her excited about learning and to answer her questions by explaining them within a conceptual framework so that she retained the material because it became meaningful to her life. He gave her a strong foundaton. He is particularly interested in helping students overcome their own insecurities about their ability to master science and other subjects. He relates to young people in a way that makes them excited about learning. Reasonable rates. His phone is 524-0452. pauline

Feb. 2004


My daughter began AP Chemistry at El Cerrito High School this fall and it soon became apparent that she was not going to do well in this rigorous class without help. In my desperate search for a chemistry tutor, I found Steve Brand, in the Parents of Teen Newsletter. Steve Brand is a recently retired AP Chemistry teacher from Berkeley High School with 30 years of experience. He is an incredible tutor. With so much material to cover in ECHS's block schedule, it is almost too much to master for their weekly tests. Each week, Steve would meet with my daughter, he would answer all her questions and then point out the chapter's key concepts and help her understand how these concepts relate. Steve brought models to help explain some of the more difficult concepts. Even without models, Steve had the ability to make the subject concrete and accessible. Building confidence was an added benefit for which I am grateful. My daughter's success in AP Chemistry is largely due to Steve's help. Steve Brand can be reached at: stephenbrand44 [at] Irene

August 2003

Steve Brand is the most phenomenal teacher my son has ever experienced. Mr. Brand presents a difficult subject in an accessible and enjoyable (sometimes even hilarious) way. My son is not greatly interested in scientific matters, but talked frequently about topics presented in chemistry class during the year he took AP chem from Mr. Brand. He also got a 5 on the AP exam, something I'm sure wouldn't have happened without Mr. Brand's guidance and encouragement. I can't imagine a better chemistry tutor (or stand-up comedy coach, for that matter). I believe contact information is available from the archives. stephenbrand44 [at]
impressed BHS parent

My son got some tutoring for AP Chem from Paul Osborne last year - (510) 301-5302. We started too late in the year (April) for it to make a huge difference, but it did help some, and they got along well. My son was feeling really overwhelmed--once you get a bit hehind, it gets harder and harder to catch up. The tutoring helped him understand some of the concepts he'd missed, so he could move on. I wished we'd started sooner. Linda (11/99)

This past spring we used a tutor named Paul Osborne to help our son with Chemistry. Our son (a sophomore) liked him quite a bit, and said he explained things well. I know he tutors math in addition to science, and he seems to work with quite an age range--elementary through high school. We pulled him in late in the year, when chemistry suddenly got MUCH harder; in retrospect, I wished I had heeded the trouble-signs earlier, and gotten him some help in February, instead of April! He came to our home. You can reach him at (510) 301-5302.

Linda (7/99)