CBT therapist for post concussive /recommendations Berkeley Oakla

Hi, We are looking for recommendations, please, for a CBT therapist who can work with a bright, personable, articulate, 27-year-old young adult male, who is suffering with dizziness,  headaches,  and other concussion issues, after being rear-ended in an automobile accident.  Preferably in Berkeley Oakland area.

Would also like to hear from other parents who have dealt with this issue and have had successful, positive outcomes.
Thank you , Sean 

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Hi Sean,

I'm so sorry that you and your son are going through this. I've had 13 concussions in 10 years, four of them leading to post-concussion syndrome lasting about 3 months each time, but I'm also in a higher risk category (woman 40+) for lingering symptoms. I feel mostly recovered now (just can't do back-to-back online meetings, but then probably no one should do that anyway).

I didn't try CBT. However, I found a free support group, facilitated by a great neuropsychologist, that helped me tremendously with developing coping strategies. It met on Pill Hill, then I heard it was on Zoom during the pandemic. I still keep in touch with a friend I made there.

From the website: 
"The Brain Injury Life Skills Group provides a supportive environment and education for individuals with brain injuries to work through feelings of isolation, confusion and despair. The group provides strategies for dealing with memory loss, decreased attention and concentration, anger and depression, communication and social skills, emotional stress and isolation."

Best wishes for a resilient recovery,