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Post-concussion syndrome

Sept 2010

Hello, I was in a car accident about a month ago and am still suffering from post-concussion syndrome. (I was rear-ended coming off the freeway - I did not hit my head but had major whiplash.) I am pretty out of commission with total lack of energy, memory problems and problems with cognitive function. I am seeing a cranial sacral therapist, chiropractor and accupuncturist. But aside from brain rest, there really is no treatment. It can take weeks to months to get over this. I would like to hear from someone who has been through this before (who is now over it). I have never met or talked to anyone who has been through this. Thanks, M

A friend of ours, Jane McGonigal, had post-concussion syndrome and turned her recovery process into an amazing chronic illness/injury game called Super Better. She is a game designer by trade, and the results were remarkable - she totally destroyed her concussion symptoms. Here's her ignite topic on the subject: And here is her blog post outlining the process: The game includes ways to recruit your family or friends to help, fight your symptoms, limit suffering, keep positive, and move forward with recovery. Best of luck. Jess L.

Hi, I saw your post and can relate for a couple of reasons. I had a major concusion as a child that took a long time to fully recover from. When you receive trauma to the brain stem, either through impact or some form of stress like a whiplash, you can have lasting symptoms due to the inflamation of the brain stem. Even after healing physically it may seem that things are not as they used to be. Symptoms generally get better over time, but not always. Symptoms are wide ranging. Your sensory systems are processed in this part of the brain, so it makes sense that things may seem different as this is how you relate with the physical world. The therapies that you mentioned have been effective for some people and I fully understand your frustration for something more. bryan

Pre-teen with post-concussion syndrome

Feb 2009

My daughter is 12 and is suffering horribly from post concussion syndrome (severe CONSTANT headache that lasts for months) from a head injury last November. No medicine seems to help make it go away. After many doctor visits and a diagnosis that in time the headaches will fade we are now hoping to find someone who may have suffered the same condition so that we can learn more. It would also be great if my daughter could talk to someone who has been through this and has come out of it so she know it WILL end. We are looking for hope. Please let me know if you have any experiences to share and please pass this on to anyone you can think of. Thank you so so much k.

Sounds like the concussion caused migraine. You may be able to reduce pain by avoiding migraine triggers like bright lights, perfume, air fresheners, natural gas, chocolate, etc. More info here: anon