Brazilian Blowout Recommendation?

Hi there BPN! My mother is graciously in town helping with our new baby and ended up staying longer than expected, thankfully. Unfortunately, she’s now missed her regular BB hair appointment at home. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a highly reputable salon or stylist specializing in Brazilian Blowout treatment for mixed hair? We’d both be interested in east bay or SF salons experienced with fragile not entirely white or black textured hair. Thanks so much in advance!!

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I like Primarosa Salon for keratin treatments and Brazilian Blowouts. The have 2 locations, Hercules and Point Richmond. Hair feels a healthier than before. I don’t have mixed hair but my hair is super thick.

Hi! I have fragile (thin) curly hair and go Chris at the Lost Salon in Oakland near the Lake. He does great with my Brazilian blowouts  to