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Good hair salon(s) in El Cerrito / Berkeley Nov 2, 2017 (6 responses below)
  • I'm looking for two different experiences. First I'd like to find someone who can cut and color fine, curly hair well. Any experience with Reflections in El Cerrito or any other good salons?

    Second, my college-age daughter would like an "edgy" haircut for medium length curly hair. I'm hoping to find someone who can create a look that is *both* professional and edgy. There are some great recommendations for 2006, but that's awhile ago.  She would also be willing to travel farther if necessary. Thanks!

    I have been going to Diane at Reflections and she is fantastic.A friend of mine who moved to Benecia still goes to her,as does another woman I met there who moved to Alameda.My daughter who is 27 likes her too.

    I know Reflections and they are good.  I use Diane, but there are younger stylists who are also good.  Can't beat the fees.

    I have recently been using Tery Varela who owns Chroma Salon in Albany on Solano, west of San Pablo. She is wise with color and does fine with my super curly hair. I also find her prices reasonable. 

  • My kids are older now, and I want to update my style and feel and look better. I have not gotten my hair cut in a very long time. I want something different, but I am not good at figuring out what styles would look good on me. I am a mom in her forties, and I want something that isn't too fussy but I would be willing to spend some time on it in the morning if it was worth it. I am also willing to spend a little more to get something great. 

    I'd suggest Revival barber + beauty on the oakland/Berkeley border at Adeline, or Marquee on 40th in oakland. There are several stylists at both that are terrific, and for my 40s self as well as several other friends, the styles & color we are given by these two spots have become integral to our comfortable self image. Sounds a little vain when I put it like that, but after becoming a mom, feeling easy in my body really goes a long way. 

    You could try getting a 'Jehrcut'. Jehr Schiavo is an itinerant hair stylist/artist who comes to San Francisco every couple months (he also cuts hair in LA, NYC, Paris, Rome, Bangkok...). His approach to a haircut is 'no-nonsense' to the extreme: there's no shampoo, styling, blow-drying or color involved. Just your dry hair and his magic scissors. But you can be 99.99% sure this will be the best hair cut you've ever had. He cuts your hair so that you do not have to style it (yay for saving precious time in the morning!!) and he knows how to cut it so that it won't look terrible after a month when it grows out. He embraces the natural properties of your hair and will cut it so that you do not need to alter it in any way for it to look amazing. You might think he is pricey (~$300+ per cut), but if you factor in that you don't need more than 2-3 visits per year and will no longer pay exorbitant prices for color or other hair-killing alterations (highlights, balayage, what-have-you), this is actually a good deal. However, if you love the regular pampering of a salon and do not mind the damage your hair sustains in the process, then for sure this recommendation isn't for you. 


    I have been going to Karen Jones at New Florence salon for years. I'm totally clueless when it comes to hair and can't do anything with my hair. She always gives me a great hair cut that looks great when I blow dry it and looks good when I just let it dry straight out of the shower.

    Good luck!