BPN in Westchester NY?

Hi BPN - is anyone aware of something similar to BPN for Westchester County in NY (or parts of Westchester)?  We are considering a move and I'm trying to find some information on special education offerings in various school districts.  Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

I grew up in Westchester County and it's a diverse and large county, with variations in school districts and their offerings depending on where in Westchester you plan to be.  I don't have personal experience with special education offerings there, but here is a website that might fit the bill; it's based in Westchester and covers a broader 3-county area in the Hudson Valley: http://parenttoparentnys.org/offices/hudson-valley/

Good luck, it was an amazing place to grow up :)  

RE: BPN in Westchester NY? ()

A friend who lives in New Rochelle with her two young kids recommended two Facebook groups you should check out: Bad Moms of Westchester, and Westchester Moms. She also said Suburban Jungle is a group that works with people to help them find the right town to move to. Good luck!