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Moving to Westchester County -- please help!

Nov 2009

A friend of mine and her family are moving from the Bay area to the NYC area in two months and will likely be looking in the Westchester County area for a house, schools, etc. Since she doesn't have a lot of time to prepare, I wanted to see if any BPN folks have any advice/recommendations for her regarding:
- the best towns to live in
- private schools (Christian preferably, but open to others)
- realtors
- any other information that would be beneficial

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! --helping a friend

I grew up in Westchester County (in the Town of Eastchester) but went to publc school so do not really have recommendations for Christian schools for your friend. It would help to know if your friend is planning on looking in upper or lower Westchester. I enjoyed growing up there, the proximity to NYC is great and there are some wonderful suburb towns to live in. maura

A good friend of mine in college grew up in Bronxville, which is a really nice town near Yonkers but is very commutable to (easy train trip). It is a very wealthy area, and her family was ''middle class'' (Anywhere else in the country they definitely would have been ''upper middle class'' but for maybe San Francisco!) It is a nice town, good community, fantastic public schools. (All AP classes were offered back in the day when really good schools offered a few...) The only downside was that her younger sister sometimes wished she could afford some of the clothes etc, that her classmates wore (but didn't we all at some point, pretty much everywhere?)... But, it seems to be a desirable location... Has a bit of the small town feel near the big city. hope that helps!