Book rec for introducing kids to new partner

A dear friend of mine is most of the way through a divorce and she has reconnected with a prior boyfriend and truly found her person. Does anyone have experience or book recs about how introduce her new partner to her kids and incorporate him into their life? 

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I’m happy your friend has found her person, and maybe I’m alone in this, but I feel like it’s too soon to incorporate someone new into the kids life when the divorce isn’t even complete. Speaking from experience, it took me a long time to heal from my father’s marriage soon after divorcing.

Maybe instead of introducing the person, begin with the concept that one may find another to be with, what that looks like for some families, etc. The focus should be on the kids and not your friends new relationship. 

My story was identical to your friend's -- down to the long lost BF. My divorce was amicable, and we all spent time together. Getting the "buy-in" from the other parent really helped me, I think, with helping my son accept a new adult. Important to make sure the new BF knows not to "parent" the child -- kids have enough grown-ups telling them what to do. If you move in together, then that's when easing into the parenting role seems better. I was never able to find any good books about blending families....