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Better World Auto Club just came on my radar as an alternative to AAA for roadside assistance, etc, including for bikes. I've had an AAA membership for years & actually have no idea if they cover bikes! I only found one post from 2005 comparing AAA & BWC. Interested in any more recent experiences or feedback. Thanks.

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I’ve been happy with better world for years. Except recently when my car was stolen, abandoned and towed. I not only had to pay ransom to the tow yard but better world said it would charge me to tow my car to mechanic for repair since the free tow service didn’t cover stolen and vandalized car!!! Luckily my friend has AAA who came immediately and towed my car on her policy without charge. 

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I haven’t need AAA yet for bike problems but I do know they can “tow”your bike to wherever you need to get it fixed or home. Since I have an electric bike I looked into this. If you want insurance and not necessarily road side assistance you can look into velosurance. 

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We've had BWC for about 10 years, mainly because the more I learn about AAA the more I think they're not the kind of company I want to give my money to. BWC is okay - I like the super friendly customer service and the pro-environmental focus. They've always gotten us back on the road when we needed a tow or a jump, and have fairly recently started to add more services like free maps and discounts at hotels and things - for a while I felt like we were missing out on things like Legoland discounts that AAA offered and BWC didn't but I feel like BWC is catching up in that department. The only negative I have is that it sometimes takes a LONG time to get a tow truck out when we've called - but to be fair, it's been so long since I had AAA that I don't remember how long they took to respond - they may be just as slow. We haven't used the BWC bike services. Overall I'd recommend BWC, especially if you're trying to support greener businesses.