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Better World Auto Club

March 2005

We are thinking of switching from AAA to Better World Auto Club because of the heavily pro-car, anti-environmental, anti- automotive innovation, pro-big car/automaker lobbying efforts that AAA engages in. Does anyone out there have any real-world experience with Better World . . . like, have you had to get a tire changed or towed? How was the service? I'd love to hear some stories! Wendy

I switched to Better World Auto club a year or so ago for exactly the reasons you listed, and have not regretted it. I needed road service at least once since I switched, and the service was no different in quality, timeliness, etc., than AAA's service. The one thing I do miss is the ability to drop by the AAA office and pick up maps at will, but I have requested maps over the Better World website and received them promptly. The auto insurance I purchased through them is less expensive than AAA's was. Haven't had to make a claim against it yet, so can't comment on that. rhenke

We tried Better World Club and dropped it when my husband tried to get a help (I forget what for) when he was driving a friend's car. AAA will tow you if you're a member even if you're not driving your own car, but apparently the guy who arrived at the scene said that Better World could not help out. When I called to drop the policy, they insisted that that's not the case, but we dropped it anyway... Genevieve