Bat Mitzvah or Wedding DJ


Does anyone have a recommendation of an excellent, but low key DJ for a Bat Mitzvah.

We want good music, but not too loud. A DJ who won't feel like they need to be the focus of the evening. Thanks for any advice.

A wedding DJ with the same specs would work as well. They are probably interchangeable jobs.

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I cannot say enough good things about ET Hazzard, who DJ'ed our wedding, but my Yelp review is a good starting point ( Here's his website, which has an inquiry form:

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We used Jason Shires with QMEP for our wedding in 2015. He really listened to what we wanted and respected the amount of involvement we wanted him to have during the ceremony and reception.  He is the owner of QMEP so he’s a bit more expensive than getting another one of their DJs. We actually ended up with him as a fluke, but really liked him! 

 Since it was a few years ago it’s possible they have changed their model, but it’s worth checking.

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DJ Tomas Diablo.

We had a Jewish wedding and he was our DJ.  Nice guy, will totally work with you on music, also a really good MC if you have announcements and such.

tomas [at]